Prairie Basin Park

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In a previous post about Northfield Pond Park, I mentioned Prairie Basin Park was located just north.  Today, I visited this area in the Northeast part of Denver near the Shops at Northfield.  Given it was a Saturday morning at 10am, I expected it to be somewhat busy as it is situated between the US Postal Service distribution center and a housing development.

Surprisingly, however, I passed less than ten people.  Perhaps, the recent snow was calling people to the mountains.  Regardless, I took advantage of the quiet morning.

Stroll Through Prairie Basin Park

Annie and I began our walk at the south side of the park on the paved perimeter trail.  We followed a path down to a retention pond, where we turned north through the sunken meadow.  In this area, there isn’t a path, but upon reaching the sculpture toward the center of the park, that changes.

From the sculpture, a path diverges in two directions.  We ventured to the Northwest. In the meadow, below the raised perimeter trail, Annie ran around without bothering a soul.  As a result, she got some energy out while I’m still nursing my knee.  Boy this has been a long process!

At any rate, it didn’t take long to reach the northern border of Prairie Basin Park.  Just before the border, however, there is a raised area planted with a row of trees which turns to the East.  We walked, or I should say I walked while Annie ran back and forth, to another retention pond.

Prairie Basin Park

At the Eastern end of Prairie Basin Park, the foot traffic increases slightly as it connects to Prairie Meadows situated between the dense housing development.  This park is more manicured as well, thus it invites more general walkers.

retention pond at Prairie Basin Park

Since my goal was to exhaust Annie, instead of continuing east and leashing her, we turned around to retrace our steps through the meadow which is protected from the wind.  The more she runs, however, the more bold she gets.  As a result, she disobeyed me, and ended up on a leash anyway!

Annie running at Prairie Basin Park

Oh well, at least she ran for 20 minutes before she sealed her fate to the leash and ultimately the car.  As for me, I explored another park I likely wouldn’t have visited if it weren’t for my doctor directed limitations as a result of my knee surgery.  Prairie Basin Park’s more natural feel was a good outlet for the nature I’ve been missing.  ETB

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