Van Life: Camper Conversion Weeks 6-7

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It’s a happy day in my world.  Look at the progress Wanderful Wheels has made on VANgo in the last two weeks!  They added the solar, rough electrical, and the woodwork on the walls and doors.  Only one more month to go, and I will be flying to Durango to pick up this beauty.

Week 6


I have  260 watts of solar panels made by Renogy.  This should allow me to be off-grid somewhat regularly.  We used several panels rather than one large one in order to maximize the space on the roof.  They are set to the side to allow a walkway, as I will have to clean them every few months.  I suppose I’ll do that when I’m waiting on the sunset from the rooftop!

solar panels on camper conversion

Rough Electric

As for the electrical, I don’t have much to add.  Obviously, I need it!  I have four outlets in VANgo which I believe is plenty.  One is in the way back, two are near the midpoint of the living space, and one is just behind the driver’s seat. And as you can probably tell by the photos I will have lights running along the ceiling.

Week 7


What can I say about the walls and doors?  Their woodwork is the reason I asked how long their waiting list was for a custom buildout.  Fortunately the waitlist was only three months. Some places have a year or longer. I wonder what their waiting list is now. I feel so lucky I stumbled across them at the van expo in Dillon as this Pine Beetle Tongue and Groove finish looks amazing!  I will totally feel at home in my vehicle. The floating queen bed is starting to take shape too.

I can’t wait to get the next two weeks of photos to see the cabinetry! I can hardly contain my excitement. ETB

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7 thoughts on “Van Life: Camper Conversion Weeks 6-7

  1. Beth! I plan to be on the road in a month. Maybe we can meet somewhere! I am not equipped for camping the way you are but I can buy a sleeping and sleep in my Outback. Would be fun to have a road trip together

    1. That would be great! My first stop will be around Jerome/Sedona but not til 3/20ish so you might be done. I could bring my sleeping bag for you or my bed is a queen.

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