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The Platte River Trail: Grant Frontier to River Point

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Today I took another walk on the Platte River Trail.  I’ve been slowly working my way south a few miles at a time.  I started where I left off last time at Grant-Frontier Park, although I parked on the other side of the river.

From the parking area, I followed the trail south.  Along the last segment, I enjoyed the parks so much that I was hoping for more of the same.  This section, however, did not feature any parks on my 4.5 out and back walk.

From Grant-Frontier Park to River Point at Sheridan

In fact, there wasn’t much of anything except ducks and a few connecting trails.  We first crossed W Harvard Gulch Trail which goes west to Federal Street.  Next, we came across Little Dry Creek Trail which crosses the river to the East.  It peters out quickly and picks up again farther southeast, but there is nearby parking for easy access to the Platte River Trail.

Continuing on, the river briefly turns toward the southwest where it intersects with the Mary Carter Greenway Trail and the Bear Creek Trail.  I stayed on the Bear Creek Trail until reaching River Point at Sheridan Shopping Center.

With tons of parking, it would be a good place for my next starting point.  As a result, I stopped here and retraced my steps.  Having said that, in looking at the map, Bear Creek Trail veers toward the west, so I may need to head north to cross the nearby bridge onto Mary Carter Greenway Trail to follow the Platte River for my next adventure.

Annie on the Platte River Trail

The junction at River Point at least looks like there are a few places where Annie can play by the river, so I will likely let her run around some on our next visit.  While I can’t say much about parks or historic sites on this post.  I can say the 50-degree temperature after a recent snow made for a pleasant walk, despite much of the trail being by the road.  ETB

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