Van life: Camper Conversion Weeks 8-9

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I’m only 18 days away from flying to Durango to pick up VANgo. But who’s counting? ME! 

Week 8

With the floors, walls and rough electrical in place, in the 8th week Wanderful Wheels began installing the bed, as well as the water tank and battery compartment beneath the bed. 

They also began construction on the cabinets in their workshop.  I love the dark/blue gray color for the bottom galley cabinets.  Hopefully it will hide the scuff marks that will be inevitable with me and Annie in a small space.

cabinets for camper conversion

Week 9

During the ninth week, they completed and installed the bench as well as the silvery/white upper cabinets in the bedroom.  The upper cabinets are a light color to make the space feel open and airy.  Obviously, being over the bed I will use these for clothes.

cabinets over bed in camper conversion

I am still unsure what I will store in the bench.  I’ll probably use it for things I regularly need, like food for Annie, my camp chairs and table, and my “Home is Where You Park It” rug.  I’ve gotten a little carried away with buying things for VANgo. 

Hopefully, I’ll have enough space, because I don’t want to have a pick and choose! My two-week trial run in March will give me a better idea of what to expect. More importantly, I designed the bench in a L shape to give both me and Annie a place to lounge.

As far as the galley is concerned, only the bottom cabinets are ready so far.  They are in place, but not yet installed.

The cabinet to the left of the drawer bank holds the grey water tank with the sink above.  Of course, the bank of drawers will hold kitchen pots, pans, bowls and other kitchen items.  And the refrigerator will go in the open space to the right. The galley will also have overhead white cabinets to hold my food.

bench and galley cabinets in camper conversion

The closet and safe compartment will be the last part built.  That will be installed along with the bedroom shelves next.  Additionally, Wanderful Wheels will finish up the electric and install the ventless hot water heater for my outdoor shower.

We are getting so close.  I can hardly contain my excitement as I prepare to go mobile!  I wonder what Annie will think.  ETB

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14 thoughts on “Van life: Camper Conversion Weeks 8-9

  1. Getting closer. I’ve seen some with a door to the outside for the gray water so you don’t have to haul it through the van. But maybe that is not a frequent problem. It’s cool to see this coming together. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. How exciting and it looks like they are doing a fabulous job. You will have so much fun! I find that we have more space for storage than we actually need. The thing that I struggle with is finding the “right” place for things 🙂

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