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Happy Hiking: Second Creek Trail

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I arrived in Colorado on Jun 30th after basically two months on the road.  After Wanderful Wheels replaced my defective stove, whose top shattered while I was cooking, I headed to Estabrook, our family property near Bailey.

I didn’t leave the property for an entire week!  I woke up every morning to the Platte River and took cover from the rain every afternoon.  In the middle I relaxed, blogged, and took Annie on walks all over the old logging roads.

VANgo at Estabrook


Mike and Paula came out to hike, and Brad and Angie all came out to camp and to make some additions to VANgo.  Thanks to Brad, I now have two DC outlets, a DC carbon monoxide and propane detector (rather than AC), and a smoke detector with a 10-year battery!  Now I don’t have to turn on my inverter for my wifi or change the rechargable batteries in my detector every three days.  

I’m most grateful for his help.  I may even try to convince him into putting a MaxxAir Vent MaxxFan Dome Plus into my door too.  He is certainly capable.  He has already built two vans.  In fact, his current one is for sale.  Check out his video on IG @bacrabtree.


Second Creek Trail to Twin Cones

  • Distance:  5.4 miles
  • Type: Moderate, out-and-back
  • Elevation Gain: 1,466 ft
  • Other: Dogs Allowed
  • All Trails Link

After a week, I finally ran some errands in Denver and then headed up to Winter Park to hike with Angie and Christy the next day.

We hiked the Second Creek Trail whose trailhead is located off I-40 near Winter Park.  This is a popular trail, particularly in the winter, because it leads to Broome Hut, just a mile away in the Arapahoe National Forest.  In fact, the first time I hiked Second Creek Trail, was a snowshoe via moonlight to the hut for a friend’s 40th birthday.

This time, we enjoyed a variety of summer wildflowers as we slogged up the steep rocky trail.  The hike gains 750 feet in the first mile beneath the pines.

Upon reaching the hut, we continued through the flower dotted tundra another 1.3 mile to Twin Cones.  While the hike flattens toward the end as it provides panoramic views of the ski mountain and surrounding peaks, for the most part, it maintains the steep grade all the way up.

Having been at sea level, I certainly wasn’t used to 12,000 feet!  Regardless, the bluebird skies, wildflowers, trickling creek, and nice company was a nice welcome back to Colorado.  The 5.4 mile roundtrip on Second Creek Trail was good preparation for my summer hiking in the Rockies.  ETB

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10 thoughts on “Happy Hiking: Second Creek Trail

  1. I love hiking in Colorado! I haven’t hiked that area before but it looks beautiful! I’m heading out to the Boulder area in mid August and can’t wait!!

    1. Enjoy Boulder! I think my favorite area is the San Juans, but its hard to choose with so many good hikes everywhere. I’ve been in Crested Butte the last two weeks. Wait until you see the wildflowers!! Where are you from?

      1. I am from Iowa. I too think the San Juan’s are my favorite! I do like RMNP when I’m going solo as it doesn’t feel so remote. Happy hiking!! Lori

  2. How funny… I just drove Berthoud Pass yesterday and commented to my mom that I always mean to look up what’s at that trailhead but I always forget. Now you’ve answered the question for me! Looks like a pretty hike.

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