Back in Wellington

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I took a week break from traveling and headed back to my friend Page’s in Wellington where I got to show her horse, Tomcat.  I already posted pictures and videos on Facebook, but I’m quite far behind on my blog, so for some people this will be a repeat.

While at Page’s, I also got to hang out with all her other animals; two dogs, two cats (one who stayed hidden), three more horses, and usually a revolving door of people. 

Newman, the mini-Aussie had a fun time playing with Annie, while Pumpkin, the orange cat had a fun time tempting fate! Lambchop, the corgi was the “fun-police” as Page likes to say. She is sure to scold anyone having fun!

In addition to Tomcat, Page has a beautiful young horse named Remy and a cute chesnut called Peaches.  Her daughter has an excellent jumper, Ellie.

When I wasn’t showing or being a nervous wreck about showing for the first time in 30 years, I was usually giving one of them a treat. I also made a brief visit to my cousin Deb in Boyton Beach.  She is doing a lot of online cooking classes to raise money for Ukraine.  Check her out on IG @caligirlkitchen.

The Horse Show

Back to horse showing…For thirty years out of the saddle, a second, third, fifth, and eighth were decent ribbons in the adult hunters, though I would have liked to be slightly more consistent.  Fortunately, I ended on a good enough note to want to head home and ride. Since, I was having some van problems anyway, it turned into an easy decision!

I was far more nervous than I expected, mostly due to the unknown.  We were not onsite, so we had to trot the trails for almost 30 minutes to get to the show.  That was a first for me.  I didn’t have any recollection of how long it would take to warm up for an over fences class.  The answer was not long! 

While the courses were very simple, beginning with a single jump, a few lines, and another single, as I entered the ring, I had a brief “Oh shit” moment wondering which was round one versus round two!

The first day, I second guessed myself a few times mostly due to having trouble getting good old Tomcat to move forward.  He is 18, so the grumpy old man lets you know if you spur him too hard!

The second day, after a huge storm and trotting to the ring in the dark due to the daylight savings change, I got him fired up!  A little too much in the first class, but we worked out all the kinks out in the final round.  Too bad he walloped one jump, or I might have pulled off a blue ribbon instead of third.  In all, however, I can’t complain, especially given the competition in Palm Beach

My best compliment was a complete stranger bothering to say, “You are a beautiful rider,” after I came out of the ring on my final round!

I’m taking a slow journey home, so I have a few more things to write about, but there may be a gap in my postings soon.  We shall see.  ETB

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