fountains in Dubai

Dubai and Its International Appeal

Traveling to Dubai

We waved good-bye to the Maldives on our way to Dubai located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates. Unfortunately, Emirates moved our flight back one hour from the original booking and in addition it was delayed due to congestion at the Male airport, so we only ended up with about 36 hours to explore the fascinating city. Though limited in time, we certainly made the most of it.

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The Maldives…Here We Come!

Traveling to the Maldives

The forecast called for snow Thursday night. If the weather people were ever right I wouldn’t have been too nervous about my travel plans to the Maldives, but for some reason the Denver weathermen have yet to notice their model is almost always 12 hours behind schedule. Snow was falling at 5:30am Thursday morning when I awoke, and it continued until my delayed AA Flight took off closer to 10 instead of 9. Another maintenance problem they announced, plus de-icing. Continue reading “The Maldives…Here We Come!”