Throwback Thursday: Australia

I only spent two weeks in Australia which certainly isn’t enough time to see the whole country.  But, of the time I spent in Queensland and New South Wales, one of my favorite places was Port Douglas.


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Throwback Thursday: The Red Sea

SCUBA Diving the Red Sea

This photo represents one of the many sunsets we enjoyed while diving off a live aboard for a week in the Red Sea.  The Red Sea diving is marvelous.  We saw a Moray eel attack a stonefish that was too big for it to swallow, so it wrapped its body around the fish like a pretzel to break it up.  The eel dropped the fish and swam toward our semi-circle of six divers that mistakenly encroached on his space as we watched in awe.  Our semi-circle quickly expanded, and the eel contentedly went back to his dinner.  We hovered there for the last ten minutes of our dive before we had to surface to off-gas. Simply spectacular!

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Throwback Thursday: Salkantay Trail

Hiking the Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu

This flower bloomed in September in one of the nine ecosystems on the Salkantay Trail



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Throwback Thursday: Salkantay Trail

The Salkantay Trail

So I took many trips prior to ever starting my blog.  I thought I would pay tribute to a few places with Throwback Thursday.

This was a photo taken on our hike to Machu Picchu along the Salkantay Trail.