Talkeetna, Alaska Post Is Now Available With An Offline GPS Map on GPSMyCity

Top Things to Do in Talkeetna, Alaska


The GPSMyCity app is designed for people who enjoy exploring cities by foot.  The App offers countless travel articles and self-guided walking tours for over 1,000 cities world wide.

You may wonder, “What’s the big deal? I can read the travel post on your blog.”

Well, yes, assuming you have access to the internet, you can read my article on my blog.

But what if you don’t have access to the internet? Or you don’t have a good data plan in country you are visiting?  How do you find those famous sites or the corner pub?  With GPSMyCity, look no further.  You will have access to all kinds of walks around thousands of cities.

Want to try different restaurants in Malaga, Spain?  There’s an app for that. Continue reading “Talkeetna, Alaska Post Is Now Available With An Offline GPS Map on GPSMyCity”


Top Things to Do in Anchorage

We spent a portion of several days in Anchorage as we explored different parts of Alaska.  While there, we found a variety of places to visit and some excellent restaurants.  Below are some traveling tips for Anchorage. Continue reading “Top Things to Do in Anchorage”

Three Days in Homer, Alaska

I spent three days in Homer and despite somewhat crummy weather, I really liked this part of my two-week trip in Alaska. Continue reading “Three Days in Homer, Alaska”

Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears…UNBELIEVABLE!!!

The best part of my two week Alaska trip was visiting the bears in Katmai National Park and Preserve.  I signed up for the Classic Day Trip which takes about 7 hours of the day for 3 hours with the bears and is very pricey but worth EVERY penny on a sunny day.  I was thrilled that the weather was so nice for my bear trip that started at 6am which was dependent on the tides. Continue reading “Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears…UNBELIEVABLE!!!”

From Cooper Landing to Homer, Alaska

After a day of crummy salmon fishing in Cooper Landing (try trout fishing on the upper Kenai instead), I planned a leisurely day of driving from Cooper Landing to Homer with scenic stops along the way.  Very close to Cooper Landing is the East entrance to Skilak Lake Road, an 18-mile gravel road which travels through Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. Continue reading “From Cooper Landing to Homer, Alaska”

A Day Trip to Seward

After our backpacking trip and time in Anchorage, Ross and I went to Cooper Landing for a day of fishing and then to Seward for a day of sight seeing.  While very nice, if there were a next time, I’d just go straight to Homer as similar activities may be found in Homer including bear watching which makes for less moving around.

Having said that, we took the scenic hour drive from Cooper Landing to Seward in the rain and entertained ourselves with a short hike and a six hour boat tour. Continue reading “A Day Trip to Seward”

Fishing in Alaska…NOT!

So the fishing in Alaska this year (or at least when I went) was absolutely TERRIBLE.  I had always heard about these amazing fishing trips, so I was sorely disappointed.

I had two day trips for fishing planned.  One for silver salmon on the Middle Kenai River and another for halibut fishing in Homer. Continue reading “Fishing in Alaska…NOT!”