Top Things to Do Near Page, Arizona

Top Things to Do Around Page, Arizona

Page, Arizona was founded in 1957 as a housing community for workers and their families during the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam.  After the dam’s completion in 1960, it became the gateway to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Lake Powell.  Water enthusiasts boat on the lake and raft the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. In addition to water sports, there many things to do for visitors to Page, Arizona. Continue reading “Top Things to Do Near Page, Arizona”


Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

Touring Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon is a popular attraction about 5 miles outside of Page, Arizona.  The V shaped canyon, meaning it is wider at the top than the bottom, is famous for its rock shapes.  Though not as popular as Upper Antelope Canyon, known for the light rays that filter in the canyon, Lower Antelope Canyon is still a special place to visit.  In addition, in certain winter months, like November, the famous light rays don’t make it into Upper Antelope Canyon, making Lower Antelope Canyon an excellent alternative. Continue reading “Lower Antelope Canyon Tour”

The Grand Canyon’s North Rim in November

Why to Visit the Grand Canyon’s North Rim in November

In November, the Grand Canyon’s North Rim turns to Day Use Only.  As such, the lodge and campgrounds inside the park are closed.  In addition, services are unavailable.  The only thing open is the gift shop at the lodge.  While this may sound unappealing to many vacationers, for those who wish to enjoy nature without the crowds, November is a great time to visit the North Rim.

While the park as well as most of the limited merchants have closed down their services, the road remains open until November 30th or until it snows, whichever comes first.  Along the way, there are two gas stations whose pumps operate, a lodge, and a RV Park that cater to the few who venture to the relatively remote area. Continue reading “The Grand Canyon’s North Rim in November”

Days 292 – 293: Petrified Forest National Park

Days 292 and 293 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

Day 292

Well, I didn’t see anything of interest yesterday except road construction taking place in the rain. Most the time the road was just blocked off with no one there.  I couldn’t believe when I saw a crew was working in the rain!

I did forget to mention that while in Kings Canyon I parked behind a car with a Hawaii license plate, and I recall an Alaska one from Washington. While I didn’t concentrate on the other 48 states or for that matter consciously look for Hawaii and Alaska plates, I believe I can say I succeeded at the license plate game! Continue reading “Days 292 – 293: Petrified Forest National Park”

Day 171 – Monument Valley Meander

Day 171 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

Navajo National Monument

Indian territory in Arizona recognizes daylight savings, so I ended up losing an hour and got a bit of a late start this morning.  VANilla carted us about 60 miles through the Monument Valley area  to Navajo National Monument past an interesting pair of buttes called Elephant Feet.  As one would guess, these sandstone monuments look like wrinkled, leathery elephant feet. Continue reading “Day 171 – Monument Valley Meander”

grand canyon's south rim

Day 170 – Grand Canyon Loop – Part 2

Day 88 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

Planning a Scenic Drive at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim

I’m not even sure how to start this blog about the Grand Canyon’s South Rim.  When I originally plotted my course around the USA, I simply glanced at the number of stops and miles on drive Reader’s Digest drive.  For every four stops or 100 scenic miles on average, I allotted one day.  After reviewing the plan the night before I depart, I mentally determine general stopping points.  Factors that go into my decision making are interesting locations, shower and food needs, and cell service availability.  With this in mind. I and adjust my tour accordingly. Continue reading “Day 170 – Grand Canyon Loop – Part 2”

Day 169 – Hoover Dam and Bridge

Day 169 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

Lake Mead Lakeview Overlook

Petey and I left the Wal-Mart parking lot early, stopped for a shower at my gym, 24 Hour Fitness, and proceeded toward Hoover Dam.  I wanted to tour the Hoover dam and bridge.  Tours are offered on a first come, first served basis starting at 9 am.

We reached an overlook where we took in the views of Lake Mead before continuing a mile further where there was a security check point.  I joined the RV line.  I presumed they’d at least check my propane tank like I had experienced in crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.  Nervous about carrying my .38 pistol on Federal property which is illegal, I at least unloaded it at the overlook.  Continue reading “Day 169 – Hoover Dam and Bridge”

Day 129 – Another Lazy Day in Carefree

Day 129 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

Carefree, Arizona

Another lazy day in Carefree is just what I needed.  We went to breakfast at Fluff’s favorite coffee shop.  It was rather crowded for a late morning on a work day.  The shop had an inside and outside counter with barstools, an outside patio, a few lounge chairs and a few inside tables.  It also had four beers on draught because a few nights a week they have live music.

We chose coffee and a breakfast sandwich this morning and ate at the outside counter so Petey could hang out with us.  As we chatted about where I was headed next, Fluff informed me a section of Hwy 1 in California had washed into the ocean!  I didn’t know that.  I will have to do a little more rerouting of my trip.  Before we left, a biker came in with his cat on a leash (I’m glad Petey was outside).  That’s the second cat on a leash that I’ve seen on my journey so far.  The other was at a campground in West Texas.

places in carefree

On the way back to the house, we made a quick stop at the resort to take a peek at the main room and dining room.  Fluff said, “You’ve hardly seen anything since you’ve been here, and your mom is going to ask, did you see this?  What about this?”  It was fine with me to “not see much”, though I felt like I saw quite a bit.

Besides how many people can say they’ve seen a baby hummingbird in its nest?  In addition, I planned for more down days on this leg of my journey just to rest and address odds and ends that come up.  And, anyone that knows Fluff and Charlie, knows it’s just plain FUN to sit and chat with them.

places in carefree


We lounged around the house waiting on VANilla.  The mechanic in Scottsdale was supposed to have it ready by noon. Unfortunately, they ordered the wrong parts.  So with that, we decided to do a bit more wandering as VANilla wouldn’t be in tip top shape until late afternoon.

The Sundial

We strolled around the shops and restaurants in Carefree and stopped at the Sundial, the largest in the USA.  Judging from the shadow created by the Sundial, it was around 2 o’clock.  Also, I picked up a nano geocache hidden in the area.  Hidden in plain sight, it blended in quite well.  As we headed to Big Earl’s for a milkshake, I got the call…VANilla was anxiously waiting to continue our journey.

places in carefree

On the Way to Indio

By the time I got VANilla back to the house, packed up, and water tank filled, it was rush hour, so we waited until six before going west to Indio, California.  A lovely sunset unfolded as we left the outskirts of Phoenix, so I decided it was a good time to fill VANilla up with gas and snap a picture.  Soon thereafter, we drove in the dark crossing through Quartzsite, a town that caters to snowbirds, and Blythe, a place I was told to stay below the speed limit.  The exits on I-10 were few and far between for the next few hours.  It was a good time to insert the CD full of songs that Fluff provided me.  I imagine a few songs of the day will come from here.  ETB

places in carefree

PS.  Fluff and Charlie, thank you for a wonderful visit!


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Day 128 – A Day in Carefree

Day 128 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA


Petey and I spent a relaxing day in Carefree, AZ.  This morning we took a walk with Fluff, a long-time family friend, around The Boulders stopping to admire the blooming cacti, bunny rabbits, and quail.  The morning sun combined with a cool breeze presented a perfect temperature. Continue reading “Day 128 – A Day in Carefree”