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Mystic Caverns

Day 4 – Formations of the Arkansas Ozarks


Best Places to Visit in the Ozarks

Well today was much smoother than yesterday, though maybe not for the mama, papa and 2 almost newborn puppies I found in the middle of the road.  They were near a house, but somehow I got the feeling they were dumped there.  I felt so sad…I certainly couldn’t house 6 of them and had no clue where a vet or shelter would be.  I moved them to the side of the road and left them some food.  I hope someone took them in!

Pedestal Rocks

My first stop on the route today was Pedestal Rocks. My  Reader’s Digest Scenic Drive book explains that “natural forces – millions of years worth – have carved the rocks so that large boulders are upheld by pillarlike ones” and that the trail is one mile long.  It sounded pretty cool to me and “dog doable”, so off I went. Pedestal Rocks is located in the Ozark National ForestContinue reading “Day 4 – Formations of the Arkansas Ozarks”

big piney creek, long pool recreation area, ozark national forest

Day 3 – Arkansas Ozarks Continued…


Best Parks to Visit in the Arkansas Ozarks

It’s tough to post on the road sometimes. Sadly, today I settled on the parking lot of  McDonald’s as the nice lady at Mystic Caverns told me they have free wi-fi.  It’s the busiest McDonald’s I have ever seen.  At 3:30 in the afternoon, the two drive-thrus are going non-stop and a congregation of people are inside.

Oh what a day..a comedy of errors mostly…yet still beautiful scenery and better than a work day.  I went to bed with sinus headache and awoke with one much worse.  I’d just have to wait for it to turn into a migraine before I could take my medicine to get ride of it.  In the meantime, I tried out my electric water heating rod and blew a fuse, so no coffee for me.  Thankfully, I’m not a coffee addict.

Petit Jean State Park

I set off for a short quarter mile hike with the dogs to Bear Cave in Petit Jean State Park and soon realized forgot the memory card for my camera…UGH!   Thankfully I didn’t miss a cheetah kill in Africa like my friend Mike did when he forgot his memory card.  Fortunately, with the walk only being a quarter mile long, upon my return to VANilla, I exchanged my dogs for the card and went back to take a few shots.  Bear Cave was really a cool place…huge boulders, overhanging ledges, and caves.  Continue reading “Day 3 – Arkansas Ozarks Continued…”

petit jean state park

Day 2 – Arkansas Ozarks

Day 2 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways Around the USA

Best Places to Visit in the Arkansas Ozarks

OMG!  As I left Dallas Tuesday, I told my mom it would be hard to sleep because it would be so hot…WRONG…whew, the wind was cold.  I closed up all of VANilla’s windows in the middle of the night!  I’m not complaining because I think sleeping on hot nights is what will be challenging given my “A/C” is an 8 inch, 12 volt fan will cool down VANilla.  I’ll probably find out tonight!

Rich Mountain Fire Tower

To finish off the Talimena Scenic Byway, I stopped off at Rich Mountain Fire Tower, located on the highest peak of the Ouchita Mountains (2,681 feet).  Today I was able to enjoy some of those scenic vistas and actually see what the area looked like without cloud cover. Continue reading “Day 2 – Arkansas Ozarks”