Day 237 – Travel Day

Day 237 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

Well, I intended on doing some sight seeing today before heading west to Valentine, Nebraska, but I ended up slightly challenged in Sioux City.  First, I expected a city of 80,000 to have a Firestone, and I needed an oil change in the next 500 miles to keep my warranty.  No

Firestones here, so I had to adjust my route.  I still planned on making it to Nebraska, but my final destination for the evening changed to Grand Island with a pit stop in Omaha.  Of course, this required me to travel south along the flooded Missouri River which resulted in the main Interstate (I-29) to be closed in several areas and sandbagged in others…DETOUR.  I wasn’t really aware of the devastation.  The flooding here is very bad.  While I was able to stop at one overlook in Stone State Park, the other places I tried to visit in Sioux City were under water. Continue reading “Day 237 – Travel Day”


Day 232 – Great River Road and Illinois Northwest

Day 232 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

Pikes Peak State Park

We started out the day at Pikes Peak State Park where we walked to yet another overlook of the Mississippi.  This overlook also happened to be an earth cache, so I check marked Iowa off the list presuming the creator of the cache takes my answers.  All the answers but one were on the associated signs; however, I am also to look at the bend and valley depth to determine the speed of the current here.  Anyone want to look at the picture and take a guess?  That’s what I’m doing! Continue reading “Day 232 – Great River Road and Illinois Northwest”

Day 231 – Great River Road (Part 2)


Mall of the America’s

Since Hastings was only about twenty miles from Minneapolis/St. Paul, I took a detour for a simple drive by as I had never been there.  I had Gina, my GPS, take me to the city hall of each town, that way I would at least get a glimpse of downtown.  I crossed over a few bridges, passed by several office buildings connected by skywalks, and even spotted a few historic churches in the mix before I ended at Mall of the America’s.  While I can’t think of anything I like about shopping, I figured I had to at least see the largest mall in America. Continue reading “Day 231 – Great River Road (Part 2)”