cape cod national sea shore, marconi beach

Day 34 – Cape Cod’s Sandy Shores Part 3

Day 34 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

Cape Cod

What a glorious day…60 degrees and sunny!  I started out with a soft boiled egg and toast compliments of Eric and Lise.  Before we headed to Wellfleet Oyster Fest, I walked the dogs down to the neighborhood pond, Long Pond.  It was nice mile walk just to take the edge off the dogs so they could enjoy a rest in VANilla while we tried out the local fare at Wellfleet’s Oyster Fest. Continue reading “Day 34 – Cape Cod’s Sandy Shores Part 3”

cape cod national sea shore

Day 33 – Cape Cod’s Sandy Shores Part 2

Day 33 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

Cape Cod National Seashore

What a lovely day, despite the wind!  I spent the morning with Eric and Lise. Eric whipped up a great frittata while we chatted about the joys of house remodeling and determined what places I should see today.  We decided it would be best to stay around the “elbow” of the cape and visit Wellfleet today and visit Provincetown tomorrow. Continue reading “Day 33 – Cape Cod’s Sandy Shores Part 2”

sandwich glass museum

Day 32 – Cape Cod’s Sandy Shores

Day 32 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

The weathermen were correct…a storm was predicted and came through for most of the night and the morning.  The wind howled as the waves crashed against the shore until finally…pow…a transformer blew and the power was out!  George has a gas stove though, so we still enjoyed blueberry pancakes, and I made the coffee just in time!

The storm quieted around late morning. George and I walked out to the rocky shore where only a few days ago the ocean was calm, the sky was sunny, and the visibility reached for miles.  What a transformation, the waves pounded the rocks as ocean spray rocketed into the air.  The sky was so foggy, I could hardly see the islands just across the way.  It wasn’t like the Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii, but I can imagine Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park was rumbling.  I’m glad I had a travel day scheduled today, so I didn’t have to sightsee in this weather!  Instead, it became a Cape Cod museum day. Continue reading “Day 32 – Cape Cod’s Sandy Shores”

mohawk trail

Day 23 – Mohawk Trail of Massachusetts

Day 23 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

Wow!  I had an extremely active day sightseeing.  I covered three different states, picked up a geocache, stopped by several places, and got soaked in the process…another dreary day!  I was looking forward to finding a campsite that had electric in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, unlike those in Vermont’s State Parks.  Instead, I found the most rural one yet…no showers or electric in the bathrooms as they are only pit toilets.  To top it off, I am the only one here…a little spooky.  I’ll be sleeping with my gun and bear mace tonight!  The campsite, however, is beautiful.  I’m hoping I will arise to sunshine so I can take some pictures of the three ponds on site. Continue reading “Day 23 – Mohawk Trail of Massachusetts”