Six Things to Do in Kanab and Southern Utah

6 Things to Do in Kanab and Southern Utah

Where to Stay


I found a small campground called Ponderosa Grove just 30 mins northwest of Kanab.  The campground has about eight sites that are on a first come first serve basis.  I arrived on a Monday night and there were three choices available.  By Thursday, all were taken.

The sites are in close proximity of one another, but are shaded by junipers and pine which is nice for hot days.  Each spot includes a picnic table, grill, fire ring, a generally flat area for a tent and parking area large enough for one to two cars.  In addition, the campground includes two pit toilets. Continue reading “Six Things to Do in Kanab and Southern Utah”


Visiting Best Friends Animal Society

Visiting Best Friends Animal Society

The Society

The Best Friends Animal Society operates the largest no kill animal sanctuary in the USA.  Its headquarters and sanctuary are located in Kanab, Utah on 20,700 acres of which 3,700 acres are owned by the organization and the rest of the land is leased from State and Federal agencies.

Best Friends Animal Society is the number one attraction to visit in Kanab, UT according to TripAdvisor, thus it peaked my interest enough to join a scheduled 1.5 hour tour.  I learned so much about the organization while I was there.  Best Friends Animal Society’s mission is to make the entire USA no kill by 2025.  It is on its way…the state of Utah will be no kill by next year!  Continue reading “Visiting Best Friends Animal Society”


Hikes Near Kanab, Utah

Kanab is an outdoor lovers paradise.  There are several hikes near Kanab through slot canyons on Federal land, in National Parks and in State Parks.  A hiked a handful of trails while in the area.

Easy Hikes Near Kanab

Water Canyon Trail

Water Canyon Trail is located off of Kanab Canyon Road across from the Best Friend Animal Sanctuary’s Welcome Center only about five miles outside of Kanab.  It is available to the public.  The Water Canyon Trail is only 1.5 miles roundtrip.  It starts on a road that descends to Kanab Creek. Before getting to the creek, several roads disperse in different directions past pet cemeteries.  To follow the trail go to the left.

The path crosses the Kanab Creek lined with willow trees for which it is appropriately named (the Paiute word kawnuv means willow).  The trail climbs from the creek up through the desert terrain passing cacti, juniper and sandstone cliffs.  The interpretive signs point out a few cool things like the holes in the sandstone that used to be wasps nests!  Also, the Sacred Datura plant, which blooms a lovely purple and white trumpet flower, is extremely toxic! Continue reading “Hikes Near Kanab, Utah”


Park Silly Sunday, Fun Day!

Park Silly Sunday

Today we spent another morning chilling around the fire at the condo before we headed out to Park Silly Sunday, a market on Main Street.  The market included booths featuring art, hats, jewelry, produce, clothing and more.  At the end of the block, live music played on the stage while folks took a try at hula hoops and ordered bloody mary’s, fried donuts, and jerk chicken at the food stands. Continue reading “Park Silly Sunday, Fun Day!”


Hiking Deer Valley Resort

This morning was low key. The family trickled into the sitting room over all hours. Some folks cooked while others read. I decided to hike Deer Valley Resort as the weather warmed up after a huge windstorm blew in last night.

Sultan Out and Back Trail at Deer Valley Resort

Sterling drove me up to Deer Valley Resort where I chose two hiking trails to follow. The first was called “Sultan Out and Back”. On the map it appeared like it was relatively flat as it crossed the base of the mountain to the boundary and then turned into a road for the return.

The rocky path steadily declined through aspen and across open ski runs with sweeping views of the Jordanelle Reservoir below. It eventually reached a deck with picnic tables, a perfect lunch spot, but only being a three mile hike, I didn’t need to rest for lunch. I can imagine it would be a lovely area for skiers on a warm winter day. Continue reading “Hiking Deer Valley Resort”


Utah’s Olympic Park

Upper Deer Valley

This weekend we had a family reunion in Park City, Utah. My aunt and uncle, Risa and Sterling, purchased a summer place last year, and invited our small family to visit. I had the easiest flight in from Denver. My cousin Cate and my Uncle Casey took a long, but uneventful flight from Houston. And my mom drew the short straw coming in from Dallas. She faced mechanical delays, aircraft swaps, etc., but finally made it to SLC where Sterling picked us up and drove us to 35 miles or so to Upper Deer Valley.

Our dinner was as about as eventful as my mom’s trip. The grill along with the lamb chops looked like a Texas A&M bonfire, not once, but twice. Miraculously, after Sterling singed all the hair off his hands and burned his fingers on the knobs that were too hot to touch without a cloth, the chops were cooked to perfection! We enjoyed lovely dinner in their new summer home! Continue reading “Utah’s Olympic Park”


Day 203 – Flaming Gorge Getaway

Day 203 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

Dinosaur National Monument

I finally tore myself away from Steamboat on Wednesday and traveled to Dinosaur National Monument where I found a campsite near the Green River and tried staying cool in the shade for the afternoon and evening.

Today was simply crazy! I don’t even know where to begin. For what felt like a blistering hot morning (though I suspect it wasn’t even 80 degrees) and an afternoon full of thunder showers, I have to say, my day was nothing short of excellent.

I began the morning in Dinosaur National Monument, a park that spans across the Utah/Colorado border.  I took a variety of short hikes beginning with a short uphill climb to Cub Creek Petroglyphs where I found some of the largest rock carvings I have seen on my adventures.  The carvings included triangles, swirls, and faces in addition to large lizard like animals and a figure that looked like a flute player.  The well defined petroglyphs seemed to have weathered the harsh, desert conditions. Continue reading “Day 203 – Flaming Gorge Getaway”

Colorado, Utah

Day 184 – Monument Valley Meander (Part 3) and San Juan Skyways

Day 184 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

Hovenweep National Monument

The full moon glowed through the dust filled sky and the wind continued in force for a few more hours.  Midway through the night, the gusts subsided and we awoke to a glorious day.  As we left Hovenweep National Monument, we passed by prairie dogs, sheep, goats, and a herd dog as we headed south toward the Four Corners Monument, where we will say farewell to Utah and hello Colorado. Continue reading “Day 184 – Monument Valley Meander (Part 3) and San Juan Skyways”


Day 183 – Utah Byways – Part 6

Day 183 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

All through the night at Lake Powell, VANilla jiggled like a bounce house full of ten year olds.  Sand sprayed VANilla so hard, at times, the sound of it made me wonder if it were raining.  We found no relief from the wind this morning as we headed southeast to Natural Bridges National Monument. Continue reading “Day 183 – Utah Byways – Part 6”


Day 182 – Utah Byway – Part 5

Day 182 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

Capitol Reef National Park

We started our morning drive to Capitol Reef National Park, a park we quickly passed through at the beginning of the week while traveling to Bryce.  I recalled seeing a trail to Chimney Rock, so I stopped there on the way into the park and started the trek that ascended 240 feet in the first quarter mile.  It was already relatively late in the morning and a somewhat warm day, so after reaching the plateau for a panoramic view, I returned to VANilla to rescue Petey instead of continuing on the 3.5 mile journey. Continue reading “Day 182 – Utah Byway – Part 5”