Day 43 – Across the Alleghenies

I don’t have much to share today.  I’m beginning my 7th day in a row of a migraine of varying degrees – faint to extreme, but always there.  I’ve been trying to ignore it as much as possible, though that has been why my posts have been so sporadic of late, I’ve been resting!  Not looking for any sympathy (I lived with them long enough), just explaining why my stops/pictures have been fewer as of late.  Unfortunately, it has rained at some point almost every day or evening and is raining again now which is causing much of the trouble…it has to be sunny sooner or later.

Today consisted mostly of rest and driving with only one stop.  I also figured out that I think I rested so much recently, that I’m behind schedule by a day…that puts me home on Christmas Eve, so I will have to try to pick up the pace a bit to give myself one day to Christmas shop and wrap presents!

I stopped at the French Azilum near Durrell, Pennsylvania.  According to Reader’s Digest, in 1793, “several prominent Philadelphians sympathetic to royalists displaced by the French Revolution purchased land in the Susquehanna Valley and made it a refuge for exhiled aristocrats.

None of the original 30 log structures remain, though a reconstructed circa 1790 log cabin has been relocated to the site to house certain artifacts pertaining to the settlement.  The settlement only lasted a few years as the land company filed for bankruptcy and many of the members returned to France when Napolean granted the exiles amnesty in 1803.

The historic site was somewhat out of the way hidden between farmland peppered with red barns and the river’s shore.  Petey found some stinky poo in the surrounding field to vigorously roll in while Scout wandered into a nearby barn to find some catfood…I don’t think the farmer was too happy!  Maybe I should have taken the entire day off.

I’m hanging out at the Walmart in Mansfield.  I got the dogs out just before the rainstorm arrived, though Petey could stand to get another wash.  Even Scout is avoiding him by taking over the back seat! ETB

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  1. eth, when you get to Flagstaff, Az. Carey and her family will be living in SnowFlake which is close to the plasces you will be going …they would love to see you. Will send address and phone when I have it. They are moviong this week

    1. Tried imitrex. On maxalt. Problem is I have to lie down which is sometimes a difficult option midday. And if I wale up with headache no chance of getting rid of it.

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