14 Day Expedition to Antarctica

Visiting Antarctica is truly an amazing experience. Rich with wildlife and majestic topography, its beauty is unmatched. Count penguins, kayak around icebergs, photograph the sea life, climb a mountain and slide down, visit a research center or old whaling station, and appreciate its history. These are just a few things to do on an Antarctica expedition. Visiting Antarctica is the epitome of adventure travel.

I recommend at least a 14-day voyage, as four days are spent crossing the Drake Passage.  Additionally, there is inevitably some bad weather, even in their summer, that will prevent you from disembarking.  As a result, a 14-day journey may only result in nine days or less on land.  If you have time for a 21 day expedition, take the polar plunge (literally and figuratively). Be sure to include South Georgia Island.

Antarctica’s summer is December through March and these are the best months to visit Antarctica.  We took a 14-day voyage south of the circle in January with Quark Expedition, the leader in polar adventures. 

Coincidentally, we traveled to Antarctica during a full moon, and the wildlife viewings were marvelous.  From now on, I will always try to plan my wildlife trips during a full moon. We saw five different kinds of whales, tons of seals, and of course, penguins.  In January, the penguins nest in their colonies with newborn chicks.

A Few Days in Ushuaia

The expedition to Antarctica leaves from Ushuaia, Argentina, in the Tierra del Furego archipelago.  It is the southernmost tip of South America and sometimes called “The End of the World.” We spent a few days getting to know Argentina before we boarded our ship.

More details about our Antarctica expedition may be found below. Happy Travels! ETB

Day 1 - 18 Hour Layover in Buenos Aires
Day 2 - On the Way to Antarctica - Ushuaia
Day 3 - On the Way to Antarctica - Tierra del Fuego
Day 4 - On the Way to Antarctica - Martial Glacier and Beagle Channel
Day 5 - Crossing the Drake Passage
Day 6 - Continuing Across the Drake Passage
Day 7 - Antarctica: South Shetland Archipelago
Day 8 - Antarctica: Mikkelsen Harbor and Cierva Cove
Day 9 - Antarctica: Cuverville Island and Orne Harbor

Day 10 – Antarctica: Neumayer Channel and Torgersen Island

Day 11 – Antarctica: Crossing the Circle, Kissing the Fish, and Detaille Island

Day 12 – Antarctica: Paradise Bay and Neko Harbor

Day 13 – Antarctica: Lemaire Channel, Iceberg Alley, and Port Lockroy

Day 14 – Antarctica: Bad Weather Day

Day 15 – Antarctica: Crossing the Drake Passage

Day 16 – Crossing the Drake Passage