me and annie in chaco culture national historical park

Two Weeks in New Mexico

State Sign Challenge: New Mexico

I already posted a pic of me and Annie in front of the New Mexico State Sign as that was my first border crossing in VANgo six months ago.  My excitement got the best of me since I wasn’t even spending any length of time in New Mexico on my way to Arizona.  Regardless, here it is again now that I’m writing my summary of my time spent here.  In case you didn’t know, the roadrunner is New Mexico’s state bird. If you have a fun state sign photo (taken responsibly), I’d love to see it!

Before I start talking about New Mexico, for the holidays this year GPSMyCity, the company who uses my posts for walks around cities, is letting me give away 10 free “memberships.” If you are interested, comment below, and you can use the app for free (a $19.99) for a year. I have found their maps very useful for my travels, and despite being approached by many companies to promote, this is one of the few that I do. Check them out. There’s no catch, and I don’t get anything in return. I will tell them you are one of my ten that want it.


State Sign Challenge: Washington

I didn’t have any trouble finding the state sign in Washington.  As soon as I crossed the border between Lewiston and Clarkston on Hwy 12 over the Snake River, there it was.  I did, however, have trouble finding a costume at first. 

I wanted to be a cherry pie and have Annie be a cherry, but each time I tried ordering the costume it either took too long to arrive at a place where I would be stationary, or they wanted to charge me $56 for shipping, four times the amount of the costume.  Seriously?!?

As a result, I had to come up with something handmade. This is when I really wished my nephew Michael was around.  He is an incredible artist.  Check out the shoes he does on Instagram @kick_me_art.


State Sign Challenge: New Mexico

Ten years ago, on my first road trip across the USA (map), I wanted to snap a photo of each state sign.  The first few times, I did so as I zoomed across the state line.  Naturally, the photo was little to be desired.  By the fourth state that I visited, I forgot to capture an image, and soon became less enamored with the idea.

Now, on my second road trip, I’ve decided to give it another go.  Only this time, I’m making it more fun by dressing myself and Annie in costume.  I hope that my fellow readers will play along and submit their photos of signs for me to feature.

That said, please do not stop on a busy highway and endanger yourself.  Find a quieter road or in some cases visitor centers that also have the state sign.