cabo pulmo at sunset

Diving Cabo Pulmo

I’ve contemplated how to write this article on Cabo Pulmo for a while now.  Normally, I write a “things to do” post upon visiting a small town, but with Cabo Pulmo being a solar village of only 100 people, there is not a whole lot to do, which is the beauty of it. 

Adding Hurricane Norma into the mix of limited local food supplies, dirt streets, and solar power without air conditioning, our glamping vacation in the Villa del Mar turned into quite an adventure!  All things considered, we had a remarkably good time.  But first here are things to know about Cabo Pulmo.

hot springs

Top Things to Do in Dominica

Dominica is the youngest island of the Lesser Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean.  With its lush, mountainous rainforest and variety of a rare flora and fauna, Dominica calls itself the Nature Island of the Caribbean.  Adventure awaits those who visit the 290 square mile island.  Below are some top things to do in Dominica.

History of Dominica

But first, lets it explore its history, because that will explain why the culture leans French, but the driving is English style on the left side of the road!

Dominica was first settled by the Arawak in the 5th century.  They were later displaced by the Kalinago in the 15th century.  Christopher Columbus sailed by the island on a Sunday in 1493, and as a result called it Dominica, latin for Sunday.

The Spanish had little success colonizing Dominica.  Consequently, the French claimed it in 1632, though they did not establish a permanent settlement until 1690 when woodcutters from the neighboring French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe began harvesting trees.

The French ceded Dominica to Great Britain in 1783 under the Treaty of Paris after losing the Seven Years’ War.  For nearly the next 200 years, the British ruled Dominica until it granted the island independence in 1978. 

Despite the more recent and longer reign of the British, the culture is predominately French Creole, though Dominica’s official language is English.

octopus sighting while diving dominca

Diving Dominica

Dominica is one of the best places to dive in the Caribbean.  Known as the nature island of the Caribbean, Dominica features a variety of dive sites.  Its underwater topography mirrors the dramatic landscape above. Canyons, pinnacles, and steep walls of pristine corals and sponges provide homes to magnificent marine life.  Seahorses, frogfish, electric rays, eels, and turtles are just a few of the special underwater creatures found at the dive sites in Dominica.  There are even underwater hot springs!

The SCUBA diving in Dominica takes place in three marine reserves.  The marine section of Cabrits National Park is located in the north, the Salisbury Marine Reserve is on the west coast, and the Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve is in the south.


Top Things to Do in Hilo, Hawaii

A year ago, I was on my way to the South Pacific via Hawaii.  I spent a week on the Big Island, of which three days were on the Hilo side.  Now that visitors with a COVID check may travel to Hawaii, and it is a popular winter destination, I thought I’d write about things to do in Hilo. Find the list below:


The Sunken City of Kekova

A long time ago, I read an article about SCUBA diving in underwater, ancient ruins near Istanbul.  I thought that would be cool to do, so it has stayed with me for years.  Having said that, during my six week trip to the Middle East which included Oman, Israel, and Turkey, SCUBA Diving didn’t make the list.

Instead, I signed up for a two-week tour through the western half of Turkey with G-Adventures, a budget-minded National Geographic Company.  Having completed little research and being rather dependent on the tour company, I was surprised to learn that there were underwater ruins in Kekova, one of the destinations on our travels.


Top Things to Do in Muscat

About Oman

Pre 1970

Dating as far back as 5,000 BC Oman was the center of the frankincense trade.  Before the 7th century, during pre-Islamic times, it prospered through the trade of copper.  Later, Oman came under the leadership of the Bani Nabhan Dynasty which lasted 500 years where it suffered many civil wars between the tribal factions and the Sultan’s forces.

islanders in from munda in canoe with beautiful reflection

Four Days in Munda

Solomon Islands

After four weeks of island hopping in the South Pacific, I met my friends, Julie and Dustin, in the Solomon Islands.  Because I had planned so much of my first four weeks in American Samoa, Samoa, Tonga, and Vanuatu, I relied heavily on Julie and Dustin for planning in the Solomons.  As a result, I knew very little about the country which gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1978.

The sovereign state includes six major islands and over 900 smaller ones.  During our visit to the Solomon Islands, we began in its capital, Honiara, and traveled west through the Central Province to the Western Province with the Taka dive boat.  Ultimately, we ended our journey in Munda.

under water photo of fish in the solomon islands

SCUBA Diving in the Solomon Islands

In Guadalcanal

After island hopping around the South Pacific for a month, I finally joined my friends, Julie and Dustin, in the Solomons. We originally met while snorkeling with the humpbacks eight years ago, and every few years we end up in another part of the world together, usually on a dive boat live aboard. After a few days in Honiara, we boarded the Taka along with 12 other guests.

Our pick up took place at 6pm at the Coral Sea Resort, though was slightly delayed due to the rainy weather. Lupa had us sign waivers in the pavilion while Adam coordinated both the transport of our bags in the tender to our boat, as well as the transport of the passengers. When the rain decreased to a sprinkle, the crew zipped back and forth in the tender, taking about four of us at a time to our home for the next week.

at Tenaru Falls in the Guadalcanal

Top Things to Do in Honiara

Getting to the Solomons

After four weeks of island hopping, I joined my friends in the Solomons after an unusual connecting flight through Fiji.  The gentleman in my row asked me to carry his alcohol through immigration.  I’m sure it was just due to a limit, but entering a foreign country, I politely replied, “No, thank you.”  Upon a second attempt, to which I said no again, he told me I wasn’t being very nice!

A few folks behind us overheard, and at the end of the flight, they wanted to know more.  In the end, I learned, one lady sails her boat around the world.  Envious, I said, I wish I met you while in Vanuatu, I always find myself wanting to be on islands that are only accessible to boats.  She told me for the future, I could just go to a website call Crew Seekers.  Hello!  That’s how I’ll be doing some of my future trips.


Three Days in Efate

Continuing my island hop through the South Pacific, which has included Hawaii, American Samoa, Samoa, Tonga, and now Vanuatu, I flew from Espiritu Santo to Efate. Efate is the most populous island in the archipelago and is home to the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila. The island, which was used as the locale for the Tales of the South Pacific as well as for three seasons of Survivor, many times is simply referred to as Vila.