Aurora Sports Park

In my quest to find unpopulated parks around Denver, I selected Aurora Sports Park.  I had been there previously to watch my niece’s and nephew’s soccer games and of course the sports fields were packed with people.  This summer, however, when we passed by it while riding the High Line Canal, it was empty.  As a result, I returned on a weekday morning in hopes to find a deserted park.

Beth and Nancy finished with the high line canal

The Highline Canal: Segment 1

The High Line Canal Trail is a 71 mile linear park that travels through Denver and its suburbs.  My friend Nancy, and I have been riding a different segment every Sunday.  The very first ride we did, we could not begin at the start in Waterton Canyon as it was closed on the weekend due to COVID.

The canyon has since been open, but to be on the safe side, we made the 29 mile trek down south on a Monday to walk the first two miles of the High Line Canal that eluded us at the beginning of the summer.

cottonwood graveyard on high line canal trail

The High Line Canal: Segments 24-27

Another weekend, another bike ride along the High Line Canal.  In fact, it was our last ride to reach the end of the 71-mile linear park.  After riding these segments, 24-27, all we will have left is the first two miles in Waterton Canyon that we plan to walk as the canyon was closed when we tried to ride it at the beginning of our journey.

The majority of these four segments, miles 62-71, are on asphalt and concrete as much of this nine-mile section of the High Line Canal follows roads through neighborhoods. 


The High Line Canal: Segments 22-23

Once again, Nancy and I met to complete another portion of the High Line Canal.  This time we covered the last of Segment 21, all of Segments 22 and 23, and a mile of Segment 24, all paved in concrete.  Despite being able to ride my road bike, I stuck with my mountain bike to keep pace with Nancy on her ancient, possibly antique hybrid.

We got off to a rocky start when Nancy’s dropped pin location on Google took her to a place two miles from our planned start.  As soon as she found her way, however, we were off.


The High Line Canal: Segments 18-21

Continuing with our goal to cycle the whole 71 mile High Line Canal, today we rode Segments 18-21 which comprise miles 46-56.  This 10 mile section is part of the “Urban Refuge” portion of the trail and is made of asphalt or pavement.  While we rode on a hybrid and mountain bike, respectively, a road bike could make the journey.


The Highline Canal: Segments 14-17

It’s August, and I haven’t left Colorado since March!  That might be a record for me.  Fortunately I live in a beautiful state that offers a variety of outdoor recreation options.  While I tend to gravitate toward the mountains to hike, occasionally I stick around Denver for a bike ride along the High Line Canal.

My friend Nancy and I have now completed half of the 71 mile High Line Canal.  Our last ride was filled with challenges before we even started, but our ride along Segments 14-17 went very smoothly.  We only had to consult our map a few times, and that was only to verify what we already thought.


The High Line Canal: Segments 12-13

Nancy and I ventured out on our next bike ride along the High Line Canal.  As I mentioned in my previous posts, we attempt to ride approximately 20 miles each time.

On our last ride, we slightly overshot our “turn around” location, so we marked our map with the spot where we stopped in order to start there this week.

We were both dragging on Sunday evening and our comedy of errors before our planned start time of 6pm didn’t help matters.  First, Nancy drove off without her bike.  As a result, she was late to our meeting place, the Bataleur Club House.


The High Line Canal: Segments 8-11

Continuing our journey to cycle the entire High Canal Trail, Nancy and I set out on a Sunday evening to complete segments 8-11, approximately 20 miles.  Parking for the beginning of Segment 8 at mile 20.5 is on neighborhood streets near Horseshoe Park.  While the High Line Conservancy guide suggests parking at S Elati St., we followed Google maps to Horseshoe Park in Littleton (not Aurora).  The directions led us to a cul-de-sac next to the trail entrance.

train tracks

The High Line Canal: Segments 4-7

I’m finding a bit of a routine during COVID these days.  I go on weekday hikes to avoid the crowds and weekend bike rides to complete the High Line Canal.  Avoiding the crowds is for solitude in nature, not COVID, but it’s good to kills two birds with one stone.

This weekend, Nancy and I tackled another portion of the High Line Canal.  Our first ride covered segments 2 and 3, while our second stretched over segments 4-7.  Uniquely the segments are labeled differently between the Guide to the High Line Canal that I purchased from the conservancy and the online walking segments on their website.

Moving forward, I have chosen to reference the segments as they are listed in the book of which there are 27.  In my previous post, prior to receiving the guide in the mail, I claimed there were only 14.

ranch land on the high line canal

The High line Canal: Segments 2 and 3

When in Colorado for months due to the COVID crisis, why not take advantage of all the state has to offer.  While my outdoor preference is to hike in the Rocky Mountains, living in Denver, I can’t always be in the high country.  As a result, I thought why not hike and bike the High Line Canal.

I have walked, biked and even ridden horses on portions of the High Line Canal, but I have never completed it in its entirety.  I honestly didn’t know where it began or ended or if it was easily accessible in segments like the Colorado Trail.