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Day 38 – Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills Part 2

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Day 38 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

I must apologize to my avid readers in advance, as I don’t have many stops or pictures to contribute to my Connecticut post.  I awoke to a dreary, overcast day with yesterday’s sinus headache, only magnified, despite my body being a walking medicine cabinet for the last 24 hours. Tylenol Sinus, Nyquil, Excedrin, and finally a migraine pill in desperation…to no avail.  And the weather wasn’t helping matters. I was frozen!  After I let the dogs out, I crawled back into my sleeping bag and waited to see if the haze would clear.

Covered Bridge

Fortunately it did.  Though the forecast called for intermittent thunder showers which would definitely contribute to a migraine.  As I followed Gina’s (my GPS) directions to Kent, I passed by a sign pointing to a covered bridge, so I detoured across the river and over the bridge where I pulled into a parking area for some hiking trails. 

I know nothing more about this Connecticut bridge.  Though I do wonder how some of the bridges make it into the Reader’s Digest Book and some have official street signs directing tourists to their whereabouts, while others are simply forgotten.  I haven’t figured out what makes one more special than another.  It must be like art.  Some brush strokes across a white canvas sell for millions of dollars while others don’t.

covered bridge in connecticut

Kent Falls State Park

From the covered bridge, I passed through Kent, Connecticut on my way to Kent Falls State Park.  The park features a small covered footbridge and a lovely multi-tiered waterfall.  I had been using my point and shoot camera the last few days, so today I broke out the big gun, my DSLR Rebel T1.  I think my good camera automatically qualifies me as a photographer in the eyes of other tourists.  More often than not with that paperweight in tow, someone asks me to snap their photo.

This would have been a perfect opportunity for me to meet “my stranger” for the day, but my head hurt so bad, I could hardly look through the view finder.  At was definitely at a loss for a conversation.  I politely took a few shots, admired the falls with them, and started the quarter mile walk up the stairs along the cascades.

waterfall at kent falls state park

Just as the dogs and I began climbing, the thunder rolled.  Behind me, the sky was pitch black.  In front of me, the sky was sunny laden with bright white clouds.  Be optimistic I thought. It has to thunder more than once before it starts raining. Besides I was heading into clear skies.  Carrying on, we climbed a few more flights of stairs, one with each tier of the cascade.   Then the second thunder clap brought the rain, or sprinkle I should say.

With the ominous sky I thought better of wandering into the woods and turned around. As I stepped off the last stair, I rushed to the covered bridge while ducking my head in the HAIL!  The storm subsided as quickly as it arrived.  By the time I returned to VANilla, it was over.  It was at this moment I thought, what am I doing?!?  I feel like crap (pardon my French) and the only 5 minutes I’m outside, it hails!  I want a couch, a blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, and a fire.  Thus my thought of the day.

fall foliage in kent falls state park in connecticut

The Wandering Moose Cafe by a Covered Bridge

I suppose every day can’t be great, and it certainly could have been much worse.  I could have been driving with a migraine to work in the storm!  Instead, on my way to West Cornwall, I spotted another roadside sign pointing to a covered bridge.  On the other side of this bridge was The Wandering Moose Café. I relished a savory cup of potato garlic soup and some fried onion rings.  Probably an odd combination to some, but that’s what my cranky body craved.

covered bridge in west cornwall, connecticut

I continued on through Canaan, choosing to rest at a Walmart near the starting point of my scenic drive tomorrow in New York.  I can say, this drive through Connecticut was spectacular.  Each individual leaf on one tree I passed by was half yellow and half red…truly amazing!  I hope get another opportunity to photograph a tree like that.

I suspect tomorrow will be a better day, and I hope to see some of my relatives in Long Island tomorrow evening.  I should probably call them to give them fair warning!  Oh, and sorry you got to hear about my ailments, but just keeping it real.  I suspect the dogs aren’t too happy with me either.  A five minute walk at the waterfall and a few potty breaks at Walmart is all they got.  They will be ready for a good hike tomorrow

There is a chance for snow tonight.  I attempted to work my propane powered heater to no avail.  Consequently, the pop top will be down, and I will be snuggling with the dogs.  Move over Scout and Petey! ETB

Map of My Road Trip Across the USA

For a summary about my road trip across the USA, click HERE. For the interactive map, see the below link.

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  1. SNOW — oh no!! A good night for another slumber party with the mutts!

    I hope one of our relatives pulls through with a bed tomorrow night. Most of all I hope your head feels better!

    Good luck with that heater! Get it working! Brrr

    xo’s M

  2. Oh my gosh… the first picture of the waterfalls is gorgeous. I would so love to be with you and seeing some of these spectacular views in person.

    I also hope that your head feels better tomorrow.

  3. Sorry you had such a rough day 🙁 Tonight Jojo is at his first SMU football game and it happens to be homecoming.

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