Day 128 – A Day in Carefree

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Day 128 of Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways


Petey and I spent a relaxing day in Carefree, AZ.  This morning we took a walk with Fluff, a long-time family friend, around The Boulders stopping to admire the blooming cacti, bunny rabbits, and quail.  The morning sun combined with a cool breeze presented a perfect temperature.

Cave Creek

After our stroll, Fluff and Charlie took us on a tour through town and then took us to Indian Village in Cave Creek for some authentic Mexican food.  It seemed like we ordered everything on the menu:  chips, guacamole, salsa, chicken tacos, tostados, spinach quesadillas, and Indian fry bread with powdered sugar and cinnamon.  We sat outside at beat up picnic tables.

The rest of day consisted of mostly maintenance in Carefree.  VANilla needed an oil change and the brakes checked: they were doing a little vibrating.  In the meantime, Petey visited the vet.  He is having quite a bit of itching from his thyroid problem.  He got some medicated shampoo and lotion and came home to a good bath.  VANilla had to spend the night at Firestone, so we’ll be slightly delayed to California.  At least we have a good place to stay with great company!

Fluff cooked a delicious meal:  lamb chops, cauliflower, broccoli, rice, rolls, and a tomato and mozzarella salad.  YUM!  It’s so nice to have home cooking once in a while.  I finally got to see a March Madness basketball game.  I was rooting for the underdog…oh well.  Boy was the shooting percentage bad!

So, that was my whole day…simple, relaxing, and enjoyable.  ETB

Map of My Road Trip Across the USA

For a summary about my road trip across the USA, click HERE. For the interactive map, see the below link.

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2 thoughts on “Day 128 – A Day in Carefree

  1. I am so glad that you had a wonderful time with Fluff and Charlie, had time to relax and that you enjoyed Carefree. I’m sure you loved staying in there

    Isn’t Cave Creek fun!? You ate lunch at one of my favorite spots! I love
    Bart’s! Delicous, fresh Mexican food. I’m wondering if Bart was there — he is quite a character!

    Your photos are amazing — especially the cacti.

    Miss you tons…..give Petey a scratch from me. I hope his new shampoo works well!

    xo’s Mom

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