Day 263 – North Cascades Loop (Part 2)

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Day 263 – North Cascades Loop (Part 2)

Well, I felt like I had an extremely busy day to write
about, but now that I have skimmed through the pictures I didn’t go many
places.  It must have been the holiday
traffic and the wait for the ferry that took up a few hours of my afternoon.

This morning I took about a 4.5 mile hike in Wallace Falls
State Park.  It was cool out and VANilla
had a shady parking spot, so Petey got to wait for me.  I normally take him on dog friendly trails,
but I’ve been subject to dragging him midway through the second mile.  Thank goodness I left him to rest, the trail
had quite a bit of elevation change.  It
wound through moss covered trees and nearby a creek before reaching a multi-teired
waterfall.  The 265 foot falls included a
lower, middle, and upper section.
I enjoyed the views at the lower and middle falls where the upper falls
was still in view.  I could have hiked
just over another mile to the top of the upper falls, but I tend to like the
view of the falls from below, so I turned around at the middle falls to save
Petey from his alone time in VANilla.

Upon leaving the park, I noticed the highway was busy with
traffic headed west to Seattle, so I tried killing some time while eating lunch
at Zeke’s again.  This was probably a
poor choice as in addition to the traffic there was a motorcycle accident.  The motorcycle was upright and the riders
seemed fine sitting curbside, but a team of medics were on the scene, so I don’t
know the final outcome.  Hopefully all
are well.  We finally made it to the
Mukilteo-Clinton 3:30 ferry which transported us across Puget Sound to Whidbey
Island.  After a driving tour through the
quaint, bayside town of Langley, we found a campsite at Fort Ebey State Park
and promptly took advantage of the showers.

Clean and fresh, I took a drive to Coupeville where I found
a pub that was established over 100 years ago.
Mussels, beer, and CNN!  Ok, so I
was hoping it would be ESPN for a little football, I did hear of the terrible,
uncontained fire near Austin.  Wow,
sounds like they are raging everywhere in the state.  A fellow mate at the bar finally requested
ESPN, so I caught a few minutes of college ball before I steered VANilla back
to Fort Ebey State Park just in time for the sunset.  ETB


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