The Rockies: Rolling Creek Trail, Colorado

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Rolling Creek Trail

I looked through my guide book for a short hike, four hours or less at a slow pace.  I found a four miler one way that looked to dead end into another trail nearby our property in the Colorado front range, so I thought I would try it out.  Trail number 663 is known as Rolling Creek and begins at and elevation of 8,200 feet.  Over 4 miles it gains 1,400 feet and terminates at the Wigwam Trail according to both the guide book I purchased and the map at the trailhead.

I meandered along the trail enjoying the distant view of various rock formations as chipmunks scampered from tree to tree preparing for the upcoming winter days.  The path led me through a patch a lodge pole pines, to an overlook, and then down to the creek. Eventually, I reached another trail, that looked more like a logging road that was unnamed.  Unfamiliar with the trail, I was unsure if this was the Wigwam crossing or not.  Since the Rolling Creek Trail did not dead end, and it didn’t seem like I had hiked four miles I continued.

I continued for miles.  I walked up a canyon, followed the path in places where it almost became indistinguishable.  It crossed trickling waterfalls, switched back and forth and increased substantially in elevation.  I ended up climbing over several fallen trees.  I followed a few cairns that marked the trail.  I came across a carcass of an elk or a deer…a somewhat fresh kills will fur still left on one leg above the hoof.  I felt like I was in the backwoods.

The trail ended up never ending.  I basically got to the top of the mountain where I came across alpine tundra, and it looked like I could cross over and go down on the other side.  Instead I turned around and headed back to where I started.  My round trip 8 mile, 4 hour hike turned into 7 hours and more like a 14 mile adventure!  ETB


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photographic note card, elk in rocky mountain national park
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5 thoughts on “The Rockies: Rolling Creek Trail, Colorado

  1. what is all over that tree stump in the last picture? Rock formation looks like an ape sitting down, doesn’t it?

  2. Hey, I wish I had discovered your this post right after I started my blog in February of 2013. These pictures are awesome. About 25 years ago, one of my friends got a group of us all psyched up about going to the Rolling Creek Trail. From that first time out to Rolling Creek Trail, I have been many, many times. I live about one hour from the trail head. I am mentioning your blog, and I couldn’t find a picture anywhere like you have of the rock croppings. I want to use it in a post … As long as I mention your blog, would you give me permission to do so? Those rock croppings carry some great memories. You have a great blog, by the way. Peace, T

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