Day Fifteen, In Antarctica – Crossing the Drake Passage

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The port holes were closed up last night, in preparation of the crossing. The port holes weren’t closed going south, thus the crew definitely geared up for rougher weather. Though the thirty foot sea predictions turned out to be closer to 12 to 18 foot seas, whew! In the briefing this evening, we found out the captain had to change his course 100 nautical miles and travel at full throttle for us to enjoy this “improved, more comfortable” ride. I hope the trend continues as even with the change, chairs tipped over, dishes fell off the table and people tossed up and down out of their bed (glad we are on deck 2). From what I understand, our passage has been very smooth compared to other larger ships in that passed through earlier, though not smooth enough to keep the hallways free of barf bags. There were several available on deck 2…not so many on the higher decks…I suppose they were being used!

On a different note, I have to give kudos to the chef. The food has been very good and amazingly has remained relatively fresh given it has been sitting on a ship for two weeks! The biggest challenge has been the bananas. Evidently no one on board has been eating them or one too many crates of bananas was ordered. We have had the option of banana pancakes, banana French toast, banana fosters, banana ice cream, banana bread cake, banana filled phylo dough, banana cream pie and probably a few more specialties I’m forgetting! Seriously though, the food choices have been good and plenty. I bet I’ve put on five pounds while indulging. The servers have been excellent too!

The day’s activities included reading and chatting with passengers again. Of course, many presentations were available to us as well, though we decided to pass on whales and glaciology 303. It was a very leisurely day that mostly kept us inside as the few laps we tried around deck four were difficult. While we enjoyed a sunny day, the strong wind and spray kept us from making it around the bow without having to hang onto the railing and to time the turn to keep from getting drenched.

Our evening included another game created by the staff. They were so full of energy. This time we read random facts about the expedition team such as, “I was detained at USA customs, because I was suspected of smuggling children into the country” and we had to guess who this statement belonged to. In this case, it belonged to our expedition leader, Cheli. She is a hoot…larger than life! I’m so glad she was our leader, as was the rest of the expedition team. They all loved her. Each member of the team elaborated on their stories at the end of the night. Out of thirteen answers, the winning team got four correct. Needless to say, the statements were very obscure and entertaining!

A slow day, but OK…ETB

Another favorite photo from the other day since no more nature…



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