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Luscious Las Vegas…Restaurant Reviews

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Some of us girls who met in Italy reconnected in Las Vegas for a mini reunion as Mary had a conference in the area.  Virginia and I got a nice deal at the Venetian which included a resort credit at its restaurants.  As such, we found ourselves eating a lot!  Below are a variety of restaurants we tried over the weekend:

Sugar Cane (The Venetian)

We ordered breakfast at Sugar Cane and it was quite good.  I got avocado toast topped with roasted corn and an egg while Virginia ordered Huevos Rancheros which was presented in a very unique way.  The food and service were both excellent.

Lagasse’s Stadium (The Palazzo)

Lagasse’s Stadium, one of Emeril Lagasse’s creations was recently voted the best sports bar in Vegas.  Emeril was one of the first chef’s I knew of in my 20’s as one of my boyfriends loved his show…BAM!! I was sort of excited about trying the place.  The staff warned us that there was currently a $25 minimum per person.  That was fine with us as we knew a burger and a beer would likely be that much.

We were walked to the back to sit at a two-top with a view of several large TVs.  Auburn was playing Georgia.  We were sitting next to Georgia fans who jumped and shouted at every decent Georgia play, so while I was sorry for them that their afternoon quickly turned disappointing as Auburn trounced Georgia, I was happy to have a quieter lunch!

I couldn’t really figure out why the Lagasse’s Stadium was voted the #1 sports bar.  I found the food and service to be mediocre.  Virginia ordered a crab cake and I ordered chicken on a waffle.  She finished her meal before I even got mine.  The waitress said she brought the crab cake out first because the chicken takes a long time.  There was no warning for the wait, but from our perspective we felt eating at the same time would have been more appropriate.  In addition, the cajun fries didn’t taste cajun at all.

As she took our order, she also warned us there would be a $50 for the next game.  This was a bit confusing to us…all we wanted was lunch.  Once she realized we weren’t staying for the next game, the subject was dropped.  Perhaps these minimums is what makes the sports bar a favorite among football fans, as it keeps out lots of people and the die hard fans get booths with their own TV’s and a sports book.  To us, the place served a purpose…sustenance, but we didn’t find it to be the best.

Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant

For dinner one night, we visited Ferraro’s, a very popular restaurant in Las Vegas off the strip.  It was packed at 6:30pm!  Virginia is friends with the owner so we were treated like queens.  Ferraro’s pasta is made in house, its fish is Safe Harbor certified, and its beef is all natural.  It’s fine quality ingredients and amazing service made for a lovely dinner!  Between the five of us, we ordered carpaccio, soup, lasagna, pasta topped with wild boar ragu, dover sole, and more.  We were surprised by a tasty dessert as well.  What a delightful evening!

Bouchon Bistro (The Venetian)

YUM!  The pastries at Bouchon Bistro (the restaurant) and Bouchon Bakery (a to go stall) are mouth watering good.  We had both the almond croissant and a sticky bun and weren’t disappointed.  While dining at the Bistro, we ordered eggs any style and we got so much food it was ridiculous.  The meal came with a pastry, toast, sausage, bacon, fritters, coffee and juice.  We could hardly eat half of it.  If we hadn’t had the resort credit, I’m not sure we would have sat down for a $25 breakfast, but it was good!

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar (The Venetian)

We tried coming here twice.  The first time at 2pm on Saturday and there was at least a 20 minute wait for two people so we went elsewhere.  The next day we tried again at 11:30am…there was even a longer wait for a table, but the lounge area had some first come, first served seating, so we ate there.  Given the popularity, I expected the food to be incredible.  Neither of us found that to be true.

I ordered an egg white omelette with artichokes and peppers while Virginia ordered the smoked chicken salad.  My meal could have used salt while Virginia thought her chicken was salty.  The basket of biscuits were OK, but honestly, the far less busy Sugar Cane situated across the hall was much better to us.  Of course, we didn’t order the signature dish…chicken and waffles…but I had already had that meal once and the portion was large enough to share.  Perhaps the large portions or the inviting atmosphere was the draw.

Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge (The Bellagio)

Yellowtail is by far the best restaurant I’ve been to in Vegas.  I think this was my fourth or fifth time to come here, and I rarely eat at the same place twice as I like to try new things.  Every thing about it is great!

The service: wonderful!

The sushi: Creative and off the charts good.

The Big Eye Tuna Pizza is the most popular item on the menu and despite the name, just order it!!!!  I ordered two for our table of six, and my guests ordered another one.  The name is a complete misnomer.

Another favorite roll was the Mile High Roll and the most creative roll might have been the one with pop rocks.  There was another roll with short ribs with cole-slaw that was also a treat.

The atmosphere: Amazing…get a table on the patio and watch the fountains.

After dinner and enjoying the fountains, be sure to visit the Bellagio’s atrium to see its exhibit.  It is always wonderful!  I particularly like the Christmas display, though the Thanksgiving display during our trip was quite nice.

Cheffini’s (Downtown Container Park)

We decided to venture to downtown where a new container park has been built with shipping containers.  Along with some interesting art (a locks of love heart and a giant preying mantis), is a variety of stores, restaurants, bars, music stage, and jungle gym park.

We just needed something quick before we headed to the airport so we tried Cheffini’s.  We weren’t in the mood for gourmet hotdogs for which it is known.  Instead we ordered sliders.  They were fair.  These are only a few of the thousands of restaurants in Las Vegas, but it’s a start.  ETB

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