Hikes Near Denver: Hildebrand Ranch

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Today Ken and I took the dogs to Hildebrand Ranch for a wonderful five-mile stroll.  The park is part of Jeffco County Open Space located in Littleton, Colorado.  The simple five-mile loop starts from the parking lots and leads hikers through a wide open meadow of wild flowers. The trail undulates along the plains and hogback and eventually reaches a residential area by a small pond where the well marked trail zigzags back and forth until it reaches the ranch again.

It was a rather simple walk beneath sunny skies with the exception with the mud puddles toward the end.  With no rain or snow melt, it seemed like a spring just bubbled over into the trail which the dogs truly loved.  Roo just plopped right into the mud to cool off.  On this nice morning, it wasn’t that hot, but I suspect later in the summer, without any shade, this hike would be quite warm.  We both enjoyed the park, and Ken thought he’d be back with his mountain bike!  ETB

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