Top Things to Do in Dalhart, Texas

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About Dalhart

The City of Dalhart is located in the Northwestern portion of the Texas panhandle.  It sits on the border of Dallam and Hartley Counties for which it is named and is the county seat of Dallam County.  Located at the crossroads of  U.S. Highway 87385, and 54 and also home to the railroad, Dalhart is a small yet busy city in the Southern plains.

Dalhart relies on agribusiness such as farming, ranching, feedlot operations, pig farms, and dairy.  It is evident by the stench that wafts through air on windy days, of which there are many!  Despite the rural setting, the bricked street, historic downtown offers many things to do.

Grab a Coffee at The Flying Pig Coffee and Tea Bar

Start your day in Dalhart at the Flying Pig Coffee and Tea Bar.  The cute coffee shop opens at 7am everyday except Sunday when it is closed.  While they don’t offer breakfast, the coffee, lounge, and gifts are great.  They are even dog friendly for those who want to relax in the cozy lounge with their best friend.  Adjacent to the coffee shop is the Flying Pig Boutique which sells lovely gifts.  It is worth a visit.

The Flying Pig Coffee and Tea Bar in Dalhart

Take a Stroll Down Dalhart’s Main Street

After grabbing a coffee take a stroll down Dalhart’s Main Street.  I’m always fond of historic towns with brick streets, street lamps, and old buildings.  There are few places for window shopping, though personally I liked wandering around the courthouse.  My years of public finance may be why I find them interesting, but also, there is almost always some history to learn.

Dalhart downtown

The 1922 Dallam County Courthouse features a few outdoor memorials and historic signs.  I particularly liked this saying carved in gray granite: “Our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

Perhaps that explains our disastrous lawmakers in Congress now!

Visit the XIT Museum

Next to the courthouse is the XIT Museum.  The Museum is open from 9am-5pm Tuesday through Saturday.  All it requires is a ring of the doorbell to call a friendly volunteer to greet you.  Then you are left on your own to tour the four room show which features the history of the XIT Ranch, a small wildlife exhibit, railroad and ranch hand items, old photos, and a Dust Bowl exhibit.

saddles at xit museum

Veterans Memorial Park

After a visit the museum, savor the shade at Veterans Memorial Park.  The park is just a few blocks south of town.  It is hard to find trees on the wind strewn plains of Texas, but Veterans Memorial Park which honors veterans from many wars, includes many.  On a hot summer day, the pavilion and shade trees are welcoming.  Don’t miss the well done memorial for fallen soldiers.

Veteran's Memorial Park in Dalhart

Eat Lunch (or Dinner) at XIT Woodfire Grill

From Dalhart’s downtown area, head southeast to the XIT Woodfire Grill for lunch.  This restaurant is extremely popular!  Since I was in cow country, I went with beef.  Due to COVID, I ordered a brisket plate to go.  I can’t say the hostess was the sharpest tool in the shed, but the food made up for it.

I’m not the biggest fan of pinto beans, but these spicy legumes were out of this world.  The fried okra was also great which is a welcome treat struggling to find good friend okra in Colorado.  I ordered the “lean” brisket rather than the “fatty” as the hostess described it.  But it is better described as dry or moist.  The brisket flavor was excellent, but I’d get the moist the next time.

Take a Hike at Lake Rita Blanca State Park

Walk off the heavy meal Lake Rita Blanca State Park.  There is a 5.4 mile loop trail that circles the lake.  The best time to visit is in the winter as it attracts thousands of waterfowl.  During warmer times of the year, walk in the morning and work up an appetite as there isn’t much shade in the “canyon.”  Personally, I think a better name for this canyon would be crater!  At any rate, use the All Trails app to follow the path and don’t miss the prairie dogs.   For more detailed information see my post: Lake Rita Blanca State Park.

Lake Rita Blanca Park in Dalhart

Stay at Best Western Nursanickel Hotel

After a day full of activities, freshen up at the Best Western.  Beware this hotel is close to town, but also close to the highway intersections where the train blows it horn regularly.  The front desk offers ear plugs for those who want them.  I’m a light sleeper, so I always travel with my Mack’s Silicone Earplugs.  I only heard the train in the mid-afternoon and evening before I went to bed, but the trucks are also noisy which bothered my dog.

Best Western Nursanickel in Dalhart

An alternative location which also costs much more is the Holiday Inn Express.  It is located along Highway 287 closer to the XIT Woodfire Grill.  Though still on the highway, it might be quieter since it is not located at the crossroads which require truckers to stop and start and shift gears.

Sip Some Wine at Vingo Vineyards Winery

After freshening up, go back into to downtown to sip some wine at Vingo Vineyards Winery.  The winery is located in the historic post office and features Texas wines.  Yoder Cellars is the local wine from Dalhart, though there are many other varieties from around the state.

The winery is open Thursday through Saturday from 5pm-9pm.  It offers cheese and charcuterie plates for purchase, but also welcomes outside food.  Have dinner with a flight of wine tastings before heading to a show at the La Rita Performing Arts Theatre.

Vingo Vineyards Winery in Dalhart

La Rita Performing Arts Theatre

The historic theatre is open year round and features both amateur and professional talents.  Some past performances include musicians such as the Bellamy Brothers and Lee Roy Parnell as well as local theatre and Christmas shows.  Most of the performances are on Friday or Saturday evening.

La Rita Performing Art Theatre in Dalhart

For a city of 8.300 people in a relatively sparse area of Texas, who knew Dalhart had so much to offer.  While it might not be a destination unless attending the XIT Rodeo and Reunion with the world’s largest BBQ, Dalhart is a least a good stopover place from the CO/Texas drive that so many do.  ETB

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  1. Boy, we have missed all of this on our many drives to CO! We might need to slow down and tour the downtown area.

  2. Thanks for sharing. We usually just blast through Dalhart on our way to or from Loveland. We did stay at the La Quinta once when we got a late start. We went to the xit stake house. I think the food was good but only remember having to pay for membership to get a beer! As for the trains…if you get caught at a train crossing when one is passing be prepared to be waiting awhile! They can be long. Sometimes we go the Dumas route but not much to look at. Too much plane plaines, W Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and eastern Colorado. Thanks again. Next time we’ll slow down the old van and stop in Dalhart.

    1. Yeah, no matter which way you go, the drive isn’t too exciting. But there is always a hidden gem somewhere, whether it’s a coffee shop or hiking path!

  3. Dalhart truly is a great place. You can always visit our website for more information on Dalhart (new Website coming soon!) Thanks again for the feature. 🙂

  4. Red Barron restaurant at the airport is great as well as the Twisted Elms Golf Course and Sports Bar.

    1. Red Barron was recommended to me. I’ll have to try it the next time I’m passing through. Thanks!

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