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Welcomed in Wellington

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When I started my blog, eleven years ago, it was simply written for my friends and family to know where I was on my year long journey across the USA in VANilla.  Now I tend to write “Things to Do In” posts as that is generally what I am looking for when I research a new place.  This post reverts back to my old ways.

Given I got sidelined for about 10 days while waiting for a technician to diagnose VANgo’s electrical problem, which turned out to be a lose wire on my battery isolator, I got to have a mini vacation at my friend’s Page’s house.  Thank goodness for Page!

sporting the USA jacket on a cold day

I suppose I could have wandered around Wellington and written about things to do there, but to me Wellington is all about horses and all my old horse friends from 30 years ago.  As a result, I hung around the barn, rode horses, and went to the show grounds to visit folks.

Texas Peeps

I saw some Texas peeps, Peter Pletcher and Susie Baker, and met some new Texas folks along the way.  I also visited Ralph and Holly’s Farm.  I rode for them over 30 years ago in New York.  Additionally, I saw Bobby Dreyer and Karen as well as Heidi Austin and Eileen Edwards at WEC for my brief stay in Ocala. The WEC facility is beautiful, especially at sunset. It was so fun to see everyone! 

Jumping a Horse

It was even more fun to jump a horse.  While I have ridden a horse on a trail every so often, I hadn’t jumped in 30 years.  It was just like yesterday with the exception of weak riding legs!  I cruised around the whole course on Page’s push button hunter, Tomcat.  The 18-year-old gelding and out of Touch of Class pops around a three-foot course rather spryly once you get him going (once is the key word in that sentence).

In tennis shoes and no spurs (at least I had a helmet), I squeezed with all my might to him to go!  I was practically on a four-beat canter.  I’m told her perks up in the show ring.  I hope so because I’m going to come back in a month and show him!

Showing a Horse

Page’s riding clothes and helmet fit decently, but not her boots.  I decided if I could find a used pair of boots and the On Course Consignment Shop, then it was meant to be.  The first pair I pulled off the shelf fit like they were custom!  And they appear never worn to boot (no pun intended).  It was a big purchase for a one-time thing, so perhaps I’ll be showing horses again by next year!

When I wasn’t riding and cheering people on at the horse show, I was playing tennis, dining at friends’ houses, enjoying the VIP lounge for the Grand Prix, going to pilates or attending a SuperBowl party (GO Rams and Matthew Stafford from my hometown). I was also walking Annie to try to limit her cat and mini chasing once per day. It was kind of fun to relax, not blog, and have my social calendar filled up for me by Page and Susie! ETB

$500,000 Grand Prix at Wellington

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7 thoughts on “Welcomed in Wellington

    1. Hunters and Equitation. Jumpers some, but I prefer the beauty of hunters. Rode just about everything imaginable when I worked for Ralph Caristo. Legs weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be, but I’ve dealing with chronic hip pain so it might have been masked a little. It was so great! Do you ride?

  1. Too fun! Peter looks like he hasn’t aged one day! I can’t wait to get the scoop after you show 🙂 I think it’d be cool to do again. Maybe some day!

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