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Lake Grapevine – North Shore Trail

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About Lake Grapevine

With a sprawling 8,000 acres, Lake Grapevine is mecca for boating, water-skiing, fishing, and kayaking.  It features multiple marinas, campgrounds, cabin rentals and even a floating water park. Many parks (operated by the Corps of Engineers or a local municipality) and trails also surround the lake.

One of the most popular trails in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is the North Shore Trail.  The 22.5 mile trail follows the north shore of Lake Grapevine beginning at Rockledge Park and ending at Twin Coves Park. 

The North Shore Trail

It is broken into two major loops and several smaller ones.  The 12.5 mile east side includes loops 1-4 while the 10 mile west side includes loops 5-7.  Each of the numbered loops are approximately three miles.

The North Shore Trail may be accessed in five locations.  Murrell Park, Rockledge Park, Twin Coves Park, Lakeside, and Boy Scout Camp.  The first three charge fees, but also offer more amenities.

Since I just like to go for a morning hike with Annie, I access the North Shore Trail from Lakeside or more often from Boy Scout Camp.

Lakeside Access

The Lakeside location is street parking next to a shopping area (coordinates), so if you want a coffee after your walk, this is a convenient location.  This parking provides access to Loop 4 which is 2.25 miles.  Close to a more densely populated neighborhood, you will bump into a few more morning walkers, but the trail is very easy.  The relatively flat dirt path curves through the trees and follows the shore providing nice views of the lake.

Boy Scout Camp Access

The Boy Scout Camp parking (coordinates) has a designated, though rough parking area and provides access to Loop 3 which is three miles long.  I really enjoyed this undulating trail as it drops down into some creek beds, passes through the trees and provides occasional views of the lake.

With the roads for authorized vehicles that run through this area, you can change up the loop which adds a little variety, albeit, not too much since the North Shore Trail is meant to be used in one way direction.

On weekday mornings, I generally run into less than ten people of which half are friendly mountain bikers.  In fact, this trail is listed in the top 5 of best mountain biking trails in Texas, so it might not be the best for hikers on weekends.

I have yet to access the west side loops as I’m not inclined to pay a $10 fee for the one hour I spend at the lake, but according to mountain bikers, this area is far more technical, so I suspect there is quite a variety of trail.

Annie and her friend Jesse love going for a run! ETB

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  1. Beth, you should do a road trip to Possum Kingdom Lake around July 4th weekend. Crazy fun 🤩

  2. I also hike these trails, but mostly in the evenings. There are a lot of bikers but they are getting smarter with letting you know how many friends they have before them. Have you ever tried kayaking. We launch or kayaks from the boy scout camp. It’s a great view for the sunset. Let me know if you’d like to come out with us, I have a spare.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I drive by on the way to the barn in Argyle in the morning. By the evening i’m back in Dallas, but thanks for the offer! I bet you’ve seen some great sunsets!

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