Jumping pic in the wadi rum desert

A 4×4 Drive Through the Wadi Rum Desert!

Touring the Wadi Rum Desert

Today we enjoyed a 4×4 Tour through the protected area of the Wadi Rum Desert.  Fayez attended to us and another family from France.  The family was lovely and lived the last ten years in China!  I would have never guessed that.  Eleanor, the oldest of the two girls recently graduated from the London School of Economics and currently resides in London, while Constance is finishing up school in Montreal.

The family travels often and their mom Beatrice has two French passports!  Who knew you could do that?!?  But it is accommodated for those who must send away for Visas frequently.  They said Iran is amazing.  For us US citizens, that’s a tough place to visit, but maybe one day.