adirondack park

Day 17 – Adirondack Adventure Part 2

Day 17 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

Today I woke up to rain in Ames. I was so exhausted, I could have slept two more hours and what was the rush in leaving given another dismal day of weather. As a result, I began my morning getting VANilla’s oil changed (which is required every 5K miles or my warranty is voided). Linda’s friend Staci suggested that I go to Millennium Express Lube in Amsterdam. Thankfully, Linda kindly directed me, as otherwise I would have never found it.

I was expecting to post Day 16 of my blog while waiting, but when I asked how long it would take, they said 10 minutes. WOW! Mike changed the oil, checked all the fluids, and even let me keep my mutts in the car despite the no pets sign! Millennium Express Lube was awesome and sent me on my way in record time.