Closing Weekend at Estabrook

What a nice weather we got for closing weekend at Estabrook. We were so lucky! The forecast called for rain, but we enjoyed a weekend of sun. A thunder shower rolled in one night and it looked like things might turn ugly as we were leaving today.

Heather and I went for a hike Saturday morning while David fished and Jaz read. The afternoon took David four-wheeling along the logging roads while we chilled out. We tried out the new Italian place that was packed. I thought it was fair, though we may not have ordered appropriately as the pizza looked pretty tasty. We finished out the night with family games.

On Sunday, while the girls played chess, we tried fishing once more. Not too much luck. I caught some bait…a tiny rainbow in the Platte that was the size of a minnow! Sad we have to wait until next summer to enjoy the place again. ETB


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