frank lloyd wright's fallingwaters in the laurel highlands

Day 45 – Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands

Day 45 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

I pulled off at the Walmart in Kittanning, Pennsylvania last night, about an hour or so away from my starting point today in Ligonier.  One of the back roads to my destination was closed; so ,Gina, my GPS found an alternate route through the Laurel Highlands.  As I was following this route, the car in front of me stopped on the road.  When I began to pass her, she waived me down.  I couldn’t figure out what she would want except to ask about VANilla, since my van seems to get a lot of attention. 

Between VANilla and Texas plates, clearly I stuck out like a sore thumb, thus she asked, “Are you trying to get to 30?”  Of course, I didn’t know. Ultimately I was trying to reach 711, but there were so many turns in between that I couldn’t remember. She said, Well a truck has jack-knifed on the detour up ahead, so you can’t get through.  You need to turn around and take the following roads…”  Can you believe it!!!  When is the last time someone has gone out of their way to ask if you need help with directions?!?  It was totally awesome.  People in small towns are just plain nice.