Lake Louise

Banff National Park is BREATHTAKING!

Banff National Park

What a beautiful day in Banff National Park, rainy weather and all. Bev, Marion, Anne and I took a two hour drive from Calgary to the Lake Louise Area of Banff National Park to explore the Lake Agnes and Little Beehive Trails.

I met Bev and Marion on my trip to Antarctica this past winter and decided on a weekend visit to the Canadian Rockies. They, along with their friend Anne, opted to take me to the Lake Louise Area for a hike, rain or shine. I’m so glad they did. I had always heard Banff was beautiful, and it was on my bucket list. Boy, it did not disappoint!

With the skies clouded over and a light drizzle falling, we started up moderate 3.4 km trail. Converting from the metric system the trail gains approximately 1,300 feet over 2 miles as it wends beneath the pines trees switching back forth up the mountain side. Continue reading “Banff National Park is BREATHTAKING!”