bastrop state park

Day 99 – Texas Hill Country

Day 99 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

After a month break at home, from Christmas to the Super Bowl, I’m back on the road again.  Going to the Super Bowl on Sunday made for an exciting and very long day.  Knowing how I started out the last 99 days, jetlagged and exhausted from leaving right after a trip to Africa, I settled for a late morning start.  While I took the morning to tie up loose ends, I feel better prepared for this leg of the journey.  VANilla is packed more appropriately. 

I added and deleted some items, but overall, I’m carrying less with me now.  I think the hardest items to pack are clothing.  This fall when I left, it was so hot in Texas, I could hardly force myself to pack long pants, sweaters, and jackets and frankly I didn’t have much to choose from for 70 days!  This February, Dallas has been brutally cold.  I’m quite certain the whole world knows this with the Super Bowl coverage or should I say debacle leading up to game day.  Anyway, despite knowing I’d be on the road for the next 8 months, and thus during the entire summer, I think I packed lots of heavy clothes.