Alternative Atlanta Attractions

How to Get Coffee in Atlanta

This weekend I made a quick trip to Atlanta for my cousin’s wedding. I arrived late on Friday and left Sunday morning, so I only got to enjoy one day, but it was action packed and fun!

I started out the morning using my coupon at the R cafe in the hotel lobby for a cup of Starbucks. Actually, it qualified me for two tall coffees, but I only wanted one. The nice lady at the cafe really wanted me to have both cups of coffee.

“You get two,” she said as I handed her the coupon.
“That’s OK, I only want one,” I responded.
As she pushes the coupon back to me, “She says but you can come back later.”
“I just want one small coffee, thanks,” I said.
“Well, do you want one bigger cup?” she asked. Continue reading “Alternative Atlanta Attractions”