Dalton Gang Hideout in Kansas

Day 119 – Kansas East and West Part 2

Day 119 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

Dodge City

Given I had heard of Dodge City but not Council Grove, I expected Dodge City to have significantly more historic sites.  I have to say, Council Grove’s tour provides a much better depiction of the Wild West, despite Dodge City’s acquired nicknames including Wickedest Little City in America, Buffalo Capital of the World, and Queen of the Cowtowns.

We started the morning out at Daylight Donuts.  It looked like a local place, and it was busy. Most of the tables inside were filled, there was a line at the counter, and a line at the drive through.  The “Chocolate Butterfly” was popular choice among fellow patrons, so I ordered one of those, a standard glazed, and a cup of coffee to go.  My breakfast packed so many calories that I wasn’t even hungry again until almost 4 p.m., and I generally graze several times a day!