Naples Nature

After ten days in Wellington, I finally headed out and crossed the state of Florida to Naples.  I planned just to stay the night, but didn’t get to see much of my cousin, so I stayed an extra day, especially since the Boeing documentary, Downfall, which he is in was debuting on Netflix the following day.  They were having a watching party, so I stayed for the red-carpet rollout!

On serious note, I’m going to think twice about flying that 737-Max after watching the documentary and more importantly after what Dan told me which isn’t even portrayed in the documentary.  From what I understand, while likely safe, it is the least safe airplane in the sky!  And as a pilot and former president of the AA pilot’s union, Dan won’t fly it.

Anyway, since Annie and their little dog did not become best friends over night, I spent the day wearing Annie out so she would be a better house guest for the party.