Fort Myers, Pine Island, and Cape Coral

After visiting Sanibel Island for the day, I seeked out a Cracker Barrel outside of Fort Myers for the night.  This was my first time to camp at a Cracker Barrel, and the parking area was much nicer than Walmart’s where I tend to stay at when wilderness is not available. Cracker Barrel parking lots in Florida are heavily shaded which is a luxury for these hot days.  I joined several other quiet campers in the back.

It was so nice, I actually returned for another night, but things were different the second time.  The person next to me was running something gas powered, and all the fumes were seeping into my open windows.  After an hour of breathing exhaust, I finally moved only to be awoken at 5:30 am as workers delivered boxes of supplies from the truck to the Cracker Barrel kitchen. 

Oh well, what can I say? You get what you pay for! And in this case, boondocking in a shaded parking lot was probably still better than reserving a $100 shadeless, campground a year in advance!