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Van Life: Layout and Selections

The next step in my van build was to complete the layout and selections for the custom build.  This process took several iterations between me and Wanderful Wheels.  Fortunately, I had seen pictures of two vans I liked and combined the best of both for my needs for my build which made the process a little easier for a novice.

Having said that, I have had a house built, so I am very aware to pay close attention to the details. By the end of the planning process, I probably drove Colleen crazy with all my questions, but if so, she didn’t let on. She was very patient with me and provided all the information I requested. Below are the some of the things I considered while determining the layout and selections.


Van Life: Bids and Consultations

Not realizing that I needed the van prior to selecting a builder, I had already completed a decent amount of due diligence on the options available to me.  I preferred someone local as opposed to out of state and stumbled upon this helpful article. But after purchasing the van, I went through a more detailed process.