Driving the French Riviera


Our car ride to Marseille turned out to be a bit challenging. We had asked Hertz for a DETAILED map, but it turns out it wasn’t, and the set of directions we had to arrive at the city center left out a highway. As I was following the road signs and Theresa was navigating, the directions were contradicting the signs! After a few U-turns and an interesting way of paying toll when the machine wouldn’t take our credit card because American cards aren’t “chipped”, we eventually made it near the parking area. At this point, I turned on the Google maps app, also rather useless as it kept pointing me the wrong way down one way streets and taking me to the underground parking garage on the side where there wasn’t an entrance. At least, we, as Americans, drive on the same side of the road as France. That helped a little as I deciphered unfamiliar road signs in a strange language with mopeds zipping by in all directions. Needless to say, I was happy to finally be parked a few hours later than anticipated to begin our tour of some of the best cities to visit in the French Riviera! Continue reading “Driving the French Riviera”