Day 18 – Lake Champlain Loop

Day 18 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

What a surprise…I awoke to rain, albeit a sprinkle relative to the last 24 hours.  Today I planned to complete a portion of the Lake Champlain Loop, driving from Whiteface Mountain all the way to the Canadian/New York/Vermont border and then south through some of Vermont’s islands in the lake.

Whiteface Mountain

Beginning at Whiteface Mountain, I hoped to take the gondola ride for an overhead view of Lake Placid.  The chalkboard at the desk indicated a temperature of 46 degrees and visibility of 100 feet.  While visibility of 100 feet I great for SCUBA diving, it is far from ideal for mountain top.  As a result, I didn’t go. Instead, I snapped a photo of the falls nearby the ski center and navigated north along the Lake Champlain loop to Ausable Chasm.