A Tribute to Petey…May He Rest In Peace

Needy Petey, Pesky Petey, Poor Pitiful Petey, Houdini, and Handsome (even though he was covered in fat cysts and skin tags) are just a few of the endearing nicknames Petey earned since he picked me as his owner almost 14 years ago when he waited in my back yard one day. He spent the next year jumping out of it and then opening the gate so he could roam the neighborhood with his companion Scout. After getting hit by a car and taking a trip to the pound, my stray mutt encouraged me to invest in a tall, expensive wood fence with a tricky gate. As he grew up, he controlled his mischievous personality until he got put on steroids for Addison’s Disease. The dog, who once cared less about food, suddenly thought everything in the house was tasty…the trash, the toilet paper roll, and specifically the peanut butter cliff bars (not the chocolate chip) stored under my car’s backseat in a plastic bin WITH CLIPS during our trip around the USA. If I had a dog cam, he could have paid for himself by winning America’s Funniest Home Videos through all his devious acts! With every bratty action, he redeemed himself with colossal love. He was happy to fit his 60 lb frame in my lap anytime I let him. He hated to be left alone, so he made sure to follow me throughout the house…including the bathroom. A little privacy please, Petey, I know how shy you were…no watching! Perhaps a little jealous and protective at times, he made sure every dog and man knew he was the king of his castle and me! He loved being hugged and pet, liked the city sidewalks better than the trails (despite going on many hikes because that was better than the alternative-being left behind ), and brought many smiles to my face. His high pitched whine, giant smile, and thumping tail greeting each time I walked through door regardless of how long I was away will be sorely missed, but I know he will be happily reunited with Scout in doggie heaven!