Six Things to Do in Kanab and Southern Utah

6 Things to Do in Kanab and Southern Utah

Where to Stay


I found a small campground called Ponderosa Grove just 30 mins northwest of Kanab.  The campground has about eight sites that are on a first come first serve basis.  I arrived on a Monday night and there were three choices available.  By Thursday, all were taken.

The sites are in close proximity of one another, but are shaded by junipers and pine which is nice for hot days.  Each spot includes a picnic table, grill, fire ring, a generally flat area for a tent and parking area large enough for one to two cars.  In addition, the campground includes two pit toilets. Continue reading “Six Things to Do in Kanab and Southern Utah”

Day 178 – Bryce Canyon Country (Part 3) and Zion Canyon Loop

Day 178 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

I suppose I haven’t mentioned people much in the last few days.  I believe there are more foreigners than Americans in southern Utah.  Germans, French, and Japanese seem to be most drawn to the natural wonders of the world.  If I had to guess, several travel agents sell a package to the Grand Canyon and the National Parks in Utah.

I also met a few fellow Texans from the Austin area at Calf Creek Recreation Area.  They opted not to take the whole hike to the falls, which was probably a good choice.  They were on a three-month sabbatical with their ultimate destination being Alaska, so I’m certain they will find more falls while on their journey.  I ran into them again in Bryce, some sixty miles away and a day later!  They commented that yesterday was the first hot day in the area and they simply felt tuckered out.  I agreed.  Being Texans we all laughed that a dry eighty degree day felt like a sauna to us.  It is just an amazing reminder of how bodies adjust to conditions over time. Continue reading “Day 178 – Bryce Canyon Country (Part 3) and Zion Canyon Loop”