Day 234 – Missouri Rhineland


So last night I stumbled upon a Waffle House and ordered a bacon and egg sandwich plate, an old standby from the horse show days.  It was delicious!  I found a private campground not far away that was charging $57 a night…outrageous. I asked if there were any others nearby and they said a new one opened up about five miles down the road.  I saved myself $47 and got a free, clean shower out of it as well!

It’s a good thing I saved myself some money as I started out this morning turning off my phone, removing my sim card, and placing it in a bag of rice because my screen wasn’t legible. Sadly, I think it succumbed to constant humidity and no A/C.  No phone calls or texts today, and I’ll have to geocache the old fashioned way…download a few caches onto my GPS as this is
my last chance to check Missouri off the list in my quest to find a geocache in every state.

Small Towns to Visit in Missouri

St. Charles, Missouri

My day kind of continued like my phone…it didn’t work out that well…but I have to say, I loved the area and would definitely come back for a long weekend.  We started in St. Charles which at one time was the last outpost for westward-bound pioneers.  It was here that Lewis and Clark launched their expedition to the Pacific. The city also served as Missouri’s first state capital which is the building we tried visiting first.  We were a few hours too early.  Luckily, it is situated just a few hundred yards from the two hundred mile Katy trail that follows along the Missouri River and it is in the middle of the historic downtown, so we wandered around the area.  Continue reading “Day 234 – Missouri Rhineland”