moose drinking water from lake

Day 205 – North to Jackson Hole – Part 2

Day 205 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

Death Canyon Trailhead

After coffee with Carrie this morning, Max and I headed into the park and took Steven’s suggestion to hike Death Canyon Trail in Grand Teton National Park.  The first 1.5 miles of the trail led us through meadows of wildflowers with views of the Tetons to the west, across several narrow streams which required leaping ability, and up to a shaded overlook of beautiful Phelps Lake.

Upon admiring the lake, we continued on in the brisk, morning air past a lovely waterfall and climbed steadily up toward the canyon until we reached snow crossing the trail at approximately the 3 mile mark.  While there was only a slight incline across the snow, we opted to forgo the risk of sliding forty feet down the
mountainside and turned around as we were coming to the middle of our 3 hour turning point anyway.

As we stood there taking in the view, we heard a loud chirp and all of the sudden a coyote came trotting down the trail toward us.  With nervousness in her voice, Max asked, “What do we do?” 

While I thought it strange to see the small coyote in the middle of the day and considered it might be sick, I just said, “Step back, they generally shy away.” 

Thankfully, it hopped over a rock to the downward side of the trail and continued past. Had it been hot enough for sweat on our brow, we both would have wiped
it off with a “Whew”!

While we originally thought a bird chirped loudly at the sight of the coyote, it was a marmot that hid itself beneath a rock and poked its head out a few minutes later.

marmot in rocks

As we returned toward the trailhead enjoying the wildflowers, we ended up crossing paths with that coyote three or four times.  It looked scrawny with a pitiful coat.  All I can think is that it was looking for a place to die.  Though another family seemed to think it was a fox…it would have been one HEALTHY fox!

Teton Thai

After our hike we joined Carrie, Steven and their wonderful family for lunch at Teton Thai, one of their favorite restaurants and relaxed for the afternoon.  Carrie is a long-time childhood friend.  We attended the same prep-school and rode horses together.

Carrie, Roome, and Ivy

She and her husband Steven, who is from Boston, lived in New York City until shortly after their second child was born when they moved to Texas where Steven
runs a hedge fund.

Ivy, their oldest daughter is nine and is a voracious reader.  Roome is seven and full of energy.  He chatted up a storm and was in complete dismay when he had heard I had never seen a moose in the wild!  Gwendolyn, their youngest, while sometimes defiant in her two-year old stage, is precious. They all have Carrie’s beautiful eyes.

Dinner at Q Roadhouse Brewing Company

In addition to meeting Carrie and her family in Jackson, I had also planned on visiting some of my father’s friends, Ron and Betsy, who own a summer home in Teton Pines. Coincidentally, Ron and Betsy’s house was only six houses down the golf course’s eleventh hole from where Carrie and Steven were staying for the next six weeks.  Ron and Betsy were hosting their twin grandchildren who were nine, Grant and Jill.

Just before we began heading their way for a glass of wine, Steven announced a moose and her baby were just a few blocks away!!!  We made a short detour specifically for me to snap a picture of an entire moose versus just its antlers before we joined Ron and Betsy for a glass of wine at their lovely home.  After a quick glass of wine, a crew of ten enjoyed a scrumptious dinner at Q Roadhouse Brewing Company.  What a lovely evening and it didn’t stop there! Carrie and Steven introduced us to a card game called Oh Heck.  I loved it, and hope to play it again soon!  ETB

moose drinking water from lake

Map of My Road Trip Across the USA

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