Top Things to Do Near Moab


Moab is small town in eastern Utah with close proximity to both Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park.  It attracts many tourists to these parks.  In addition, it is an extremely popular base for mountain bikers and off-roaders.


Day 175 – Utah Byways – Part 4

Day 175 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

The average precipitation in Moab for May is 0.8 inches of rain…I think I witnessed most of it the last two days.  Saturday, however, was simply glorious…sunny with a cool breeze.  The weather and weekend invited plenty of visitors to the Arches National Park.  It required some patience, quick reflexes, and geometry to snap photos of the arches without people in them.  I understand wanting to stand beneath the arches to look up in awe, but enjoy them and move on so others can do the same.  It seemed like one couple sat down for a picnic in the middle of an arch which left others waiting tirelessly for a photo without them in it! Continue reading “Day 175 – Utah Byways – Part 4”