Paris: The City of Lights

My first visit to Paris was extremely impromptu.  One day I was talking to my friend Theresa about her upcoming trip to Paris, and the next week I was flying there with her.  Needless to say, she did all the planning including where to stay and what to see. 

Naturally, for our first time in the city, we stuck to the main attractions like (but not limited to) the Eiffel Tour, Notre Dame, the Louvre and miraculously, we hardly ever waited in a line, despite not having purchased advanced tickets.  I still don’t know how that worked out except maybe it was due to visiting in October.


Parlez-vous Francais? An Adventure in Paris – Part 1

Traveling to Paris

My money clip stolen, a sprained ankle, and Petey going to doggie heaven all in a month…that was enough for a spur of a moment trip to France!  I joined some friends for drinks during the floods in Colorado when I found out one was visiting France and Spain in just six days.

I nonchalantly chimed, “I want to go.”

She replied, “Come.”

So that’s where my journey began.  Six days before takeoff, Theresa didn’t have a plan or any reservations…only her plane ticket, and aside from picking hotels four days before we boarded the plane, that’s the way our trip remained.  We took recommendations from friends and obviously focused on the tourist highlights and began our adventure to France…our first stop Paris! Continue reading “Parlez-vous Francais? An Adventure in Paris – Part 1”