Rocky Mountain National Park: Three Hikes for Exercise

Continuing with the stay at home and hike theme of COVID 2020, I recently completed three hikes on the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park.  Actually, the summer and the fall are when I stay home in Colorado anyway to enjoy its natural beauty.

I recently took a housesitting job in Longmont on Trusted Housesitters.  As a result, I shortened my drive to Rocky Mountain National Park by 45 minutes, and it only took me about one hour to get to each of the three hikes.

I’d call these trails good for exercise.  What I mean by that is the hikes were either somewhat challenging or easy enough to run, and aside from the final destination, which was beautiful, getting there wasn’t quite as pretty as other hikes I’ve enjoyed this summer.  Consequently, I’d rank them as good hikes to get the heart rate going.

Happy Hiking!