Top Things to Do Near Page, Arizona

Top Things to Do Around Page, Arizona

Page, Arizona was founded in 1957 as a housing community for workers and their families during the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam.  After the dam’s completion in 1960, it became the gateway to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Lake Powell.  Water enthusiasts boat on the lake and raft the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. In addition to water sports, there many things to do for visitors to Page, Arizona. Continue reading “Top Things to Do Near Page, Arizona”

grand canyon's south rim

Day 170 – Grand Canyon Loop – Part 2

Day 88 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

Planning a Scenic Drive at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim

I’m not even sure how to start this blog about the Grand Canyon’s South Rim.  When I originally plotted my course around the USA, I simply glanced at the number of stops and miles on drive Reader’s Digest drive.  For every four stops or 100 scenic miles on average, I allotted one day.  After reviewing the plan the night before I depart, I mentally determine general stopping points.  Factors that go into my decision making are interesting locations, shower and food needs, and cell service availability.  With this in mind. I and adjust my tour accordingly. Continue reading “Day 170 – Grand Canyon Loop – Part 2”